The Chicago’s Blackhawks and Boston’s Bruins haven’t battle






The Chicago’s Blackhawks and Boston’s Bruins haven’t battle for the cup since the year of 2011 which was the year of the NHL lockout. The Blackhawks have been fighting all season for the cup. But when I watched game 1 last night it was a battle for the win because both teams were doing everything in their power to win, but it could only be one winner so for game 1 the Blackhawks came on top. 

According to stats the Bruins have been dominating the playoff but I think the Blackhawks will be the team to win the Stanley Cup because they are a very hard working team who seems to never give up when they are down. But talk around the NHL is that the Hawks need to grab momentum in order to win the cup.

The Matches will take place in Chicago for the first two games then in Boston for the next two games and if have to Chicago for game 5 and 7 and Boston for 6 and these games will be on the last 3 weeks of June. But the Teams are positive when it comes to winning during the regular season with Chicago record at 36-7-5 and Boston at 26-14-6. When I look at those record or standings the Blackhawks look to be the better team. The Hawks are being led by their key player Patrick Sharp who stats this season were 20 points scored and 14 assist. Bruins are being led by Daniel Paille has 17 points and 7 assist, and Tuukka Rask have 70 goal against. 

The Hawks blog have reported that the way the Hawks played in Game 2 they have issues that need to be fixed before it too late for them. Fox News reported this from the Bruins.

“BOSTON – Just imagine what Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas chat about when the present and past Boston Bruins goalies, and friends, have time to talk.


Perhaps they discuss what it’s like to stop shot after shot at the most important time of the season.


But Rask isn’t saying.”


“It’s between him and me,” he said Sunday.

I guess that mean the team are trying to keep everything private from the media and leave all things between the team.

This championship is so important for both teams because many don’t really believe in them to have success expect for their cities and also this is their first time playing for the cup since 2011 lockout year so it’s pretty much a way for either team to have bragging rights on each other.






-Ronald Jones


Good is Not So Good

Shana Miller
June 11, 2013
Good is Not So Good

I don’t know about some people but I get a happy mouth watering sensation when I open a new bag of flaming hots. Flaming hots is one of my favorite chips but there is a down side of eating flaming hot. The disadvantage of eating flaming hot is when you done eating chip you will have a nasty after taste in your mouth and that will cause you to have bad breath. When you eat too many the chips will give you a really bad stomach ache because corn meal, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid those ingredients cause your stomach to have a burning sensation.
Flaming hot are high in fat, calories, and basically has no type if healthy nutrition. One bag of flaming hot is 160 calories and 250 milligrams of salt. When it’s time to take a bowel movement most people are complaining they have a burning sensation in the butt or they think their butt is on fire because they are eating too much flaming hot. What is really happening while your taking a bowel movement is cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix of the lining of the colon swollen vein or group of veins in the area of the butt. Witch can cause colorectal cancer, colon cancer or large bowel cancer.

Sweet or Deadly

By: Engel Williams

            Pepsi and Coca-Cola are sold in department stores, vending machines, and restaurants all around  the United States of America, and made, and developed, by the Coca-Cola company has inspired millions to drink down hundreds and millions of cans a year. People drink it because, of course it’s sweet, and tasty, and makes you feel good, but do you take into consideration of what is in it? Sure there is the 41grams of sugar in a 12oz can; however you should take into consideration how much you drink. Pepsi is full of acids such as phosphoric acids, and carbonic acids which are carbon dioxide mixed in with the water; yet only brands like Coca-Cola have this in their beverages.

The Benefits

  • It quenches the thirst
  • It’s really sweet
  • Kills bugs and weeds
  • Gets stains out of clothes
  • The sugar rush

The Consequences

  • Full of acids and chemicals
  • Too much sugar and can be addicting
  • Spreads toxins throughout the body( if consumed large quantity)
  • Has carbon dioxide mixed in with the substance
  • Eventually it will wear down on teeth and the bones at a much faster pace.

There is a big argument whether drinking it is good or not, however the only one who can decide if drinking this is alright for you. You should be considerate of what you’re taking into your system. It has so many side effects that will harm you, and the two addictions make it impossible to quit, so far the only thing that won’t get hurt is the stomach which can take 2.0g pH and the rest of your body is getting harmed. So try to cut down or better cut off Pepsi form your diet to preserve your bones and your body form future dangers.


Rick Ross The Rapist

Should Rick Ross be punished in any way for his verse stating him raping a woman in the song “U.O.E.N.O”??? YES!!!!!!
“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it, I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.” Rick Ross’ verse could be feeding the wrong image into the mind of the youth. Such as making them believe that doing things in the wrong manner is ok if no one knows it. Also he can set the image that raping women is ok, or that the use of mollies is appropriate. Music is very influential on youth these days, and as an artist some of the youth looks up to Rick Ross. For him to say these lines in a song can greatly affect whoever listens to his music.
However, rape is a crime! Those couple of lines in his verse on the song is basically a confession to rape. Who knows what possessed him to put that into his verse. Maybe since the word molly is becoming commonly used throughout the music industry, I guess its suppose to make crimes and other acts of negativity ok. Either way it goes, artist in the music industry are making more songs about the use of mollies and performing other criminal acts. Even after Ross apologizes for his lines in the song and gets taken of the track, later in the black hippy “U.O.E.N.O” remix; artist Schoolboy Q says lyrics similar to those of Rick Ross. Schoolboy says, “Molly in her drink but she asked me to,” It seems like this a growing trend with artists but why do they feel saying these things is ok. What can be done?
Unfortunately, no artist has suffered any severe punishment for his actions regarding this topic, so that may be the reason they continue to do it. The only thing that really happened to Rick Ross because of his idiotic lines in the song is he got dropped from his endorsement deal with Reebok. Something needs to be done, but what?

Does Barbie Have A Bad Influence On Little Girls?

A lot of parents thinks Barbie’s have a bad influence because the maker of Barbie has an exclusive sense of style. Such as, having tattoos, dressing to old and having a boyfriend. Parents say that Barbie’s oversized breasts are inappropriate for little girls. A man made Barbie and made her body, as if every woman should be made this way to be beautiful. Little girls might ask questions and so forth about, how they are different than her or maybe even, why she doesn’t have the same shape as it. Their was another argument that some parents didn’t like, Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. They didn’t think that was a good idea because they don’t want their child to think its ok to have a boyfriend at this age or even leaving in the same house. Some parents don’t want them to do anything sexual with Barbie and Ken. Parents might think that, they made Barbie to perfect. No fat, nice size, pretty eyes, skin color, hair and also body. They don’t want their child to think everything is perfect, such as not a perfect life. It’s just too unrealistic! Did you know that they have a Barbie that is pregnant? That’s way out of line, kids are to young to play with a doll has a baby in them. Let known in this world teen pregnancy has sky rock it. This is a No No for certain parents, some parents think it’s a good idea for their children get to know motherhood and responsibilities at a young age. Well known female rapper, Nicki Minaj, has called herself a Barbie since day one. She makes herself look and sometimes act like a Barbie. From her hair to her shoes, she has an image as a Barbie, such as her makeup, hair (color), breast, small waist, big hips and her sense of style. So ask yourself, would you let your little girl play with Barbie? Would you have her playing with Ken also? Is this a stereotype that woman are supposed to be made this way? Does this mess with little girls head about being perfect? Is this really setting my child to motherhood, will really help her? Is this leading her into the wrong direction? Next time, if you see your daughter begging you to buy her a Barbie doll, think about the message your sending to your child.

Voting For a Reason Jamal CarrHave you ever

Voting For a Reason

Jamal Carr

Have you ever been mad that someone or something was chosen, and you totally disagree with the choice? What about voting that you may think is rigged and don’t want to participate in. Or a number of votes that gave your city the perfect mayor. Well that’s why you and everyone else in the world should vote. It is O.K. for everyone to have a chance at voting, because you want to give your own opinion about the subject. Voting is also important because you are letting others know how you feel about the topic and why you think it is the right pick.

For an example, millions of people in the U.S every 4 years vote for a new president that will be leading them for the next 4 years. So with that being said you want to vote for someone who you think is a perfect role model that you can put your trust into who will keep your country in order and not in a chaotic way.                                                                            

For people who don’t believe in voting, I think you should vote because at times you criticize people who may have picked a wrong decision, and since you’re tired of it how about you put your two cents in and vote for what you believe in. Don’t always instantly judge a person on what they feel to believe because everyone in the world has a mind to be able say what they want to say.

Voting in general isn’t hard and you could never be wrong about your choice because it’s your opinion on what you think is right. Voting is done all over the world in different countries in numerous ways. But voting is an easy way to settle judgment on a topic.

Plastic Surgery: Beauty or Beast

Plastic surgery is a way of saying you don’t like the way your body is or you don’t like the way you look, but why change it to something worse than what it is now. I’ve seen the effects of plastic surgery and it is not beautiful. I mean some plastic surgery can be a success, and some may create a real monster.
Changing Your Body
Changing your body can be irritating and it can make your body parts look phony by how many times you go back for more that it’s like a drug that you cannot wear off. You don’t know what tools or drugs these people use while you’re asleep. Anything can be done. You can get raped, killed, catch a disease from whatever they use, or they can do childish things and make you look like something you didn’t want to look like.
Changing Your Appearance
If you don’t like the way you look don’t make yourself look worse than what you look like, that’s wrong. You should accept that you are beautiful no one can tell you you’re not. Some people are crazy and jealous of you, so they’ll tell you anything to get you to change yourself. Don’t let anyone motivate you to do something you don’t want to do.

AT&T Follows Verizon

AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) is the largest provider in the United States that provides voice, video, data, and Internet etc. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephone and of fixed telephone in the United States and worldwide. This company was founded March 3, 1885; and is the 17th largest company in the world by market. Almost everyone have AT&T and some have no problem using it.
However, since Verizon decided to do something, AT&T decided to follow them and do the exact same thing which is changed its upgrade policy into 24 months instead of 20months. AT&T still offers an early upgrade incentive for people who are six months into their contracts. People with contracts that end next March will still be able to upgrade at the 20-month time, but for those whose contracts ends in March or later will be expected to the new policy. On June 9, 2013 AT&T had announced that they customer will have to wait 24 months to buy a new phone but they still is eligible to upgrade, something is better than nothing. Following Verizon’s footsteps is not a good because AT&T is taking it a little bit too far. If they start offering early upgrades to qualified customers, once their stock rooms begin filling up with unsold units then many people won’t have a problem with it. However, if the customers have to wait a whole 24 months, some might just find a new carrier to go with instead of waiting that long just to upgrade and it will also be cheaper. Some people think that since AT&T is changing their upgrade plan from 20 months to 24 months, they think it will be better to just get a no-contract phone instead of waiting an extra 4 months.

Sugar Rush

How much caffeine does a person need a day? Do I always need to have caffeine in me? What would happen if just stopped drinking caffeine? First, let’s see what it can be found in. Caffeine can be found in our food, drinks, snacks, and medicine. Like coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, medical shots, and tea.
It has many effects on the body and can make you more alert and give you a boost in energy. However, if you eat, or drink too much caffeine, then you will start to feel restless, anxious, and irritable. This helpful info came from,, and Secondly, it may also keep you from sleeping well and give you headaches, abnormal heart rhythms, or other problems. If you try to stop using caffeine, then you will go into withdrawal. You can kind of see how it would play out if you did stop using caffeine.
First day everything’s good, you just stop using caffeine, you aren’t going to feel anything just yet. Three days later, you start to develop headaches and feel tired more often than usual. You start to fall asleep while in class, in the office, or worst case scenario, while you are driving. I don’t think caffeine can be that dangerous. The only time caffeine can be dangerous is when you take too much of it. What I learned from,, caffeine’s lethal doses for an adult it is estimated to be 13-19 grams.
Who would, in their right mind, drink so much caffeine (in this case coffee) that it would make them have hallucinations?

Starbucks best latte

Starbucks is best known for its drinks. In the mourning people usually buy their coffee or breakfast. Adults spend most of their money there in the mornings. I wanted to taste some of their latte’s and see why everyone likes them so much. I wanted to see if they are any good and if so, which one of them I think is the best.
The Starbucks lists of drinks are very long. I only tried a few, all of them having café in them. First, the Iced Vanilla Latte is decent so was the Iced Flavored Latte but it has like 50g’s of fat. The Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte isn’t even that good; I don’t know why so many people like it. The Cinnamon Dolce Latte taste better and in my opinion, the best Starbucks has.
I think that for things like espressos and cappuccinos Starbucks is the place to go, especially in the mourning’s and the afternoons. I give Starbucks a 4 ½ stars for lattes and an overall grade of B+. This seems like a pretty decent considering I didn’t taste any food!