Trust Issues

Always expect the unexpected of people. They can say things that will shock you when you see their true colors. All the things you wished would never happen, happened! Then the question comes up, “who can I really trust?” A history of trust can get you a lot of things with the right people. Trust is based on what we are as people and what we are able to do as people. If someone has their total faith in you, you can do almost anything.
These types of people should be reliable, keep their promises, and be loyal as well… can’t forget that. When people who turn their backs on you, it means that person no longer cares what happens to you. I’ll give an example of untrustworthiness, according to; Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to embezzling $750,000 of campaign funds collected for his congressional races to buy himself presents. It was a real shock to find out what he was really doing, after hearing such good things about him. Hearing things like this can destroy someone if they are close to that person.
Many common trust issues can come up when a third wheel comes into play. Straight business, love triangles, or just a random club are examples of it. Three teens, known each other since childhood, one does something the others don’t like. The bond that they have starts to crumble to dust. Based on what I see in the world today, you can’t trust anyone you meet or have known from a while back. Maybe people in your family could be included, but that depends on where you come from.


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