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A Cheerleader is a person who is enthusiastic and is a vocal supporter who leads cheers at sporting events. Most people who or become a part of a cheerleading squad are very outgoing, and also have a passion for cheerleading. Keep in mind Cheerleading is a dangerous sport. You and your teammate’s lives become very important to each other; and also you all become a family.
A high school cheerleading team and all-star teams are different from each other. High school cheerleading teams are fun, but are also challenging for beginners. You have prep rallies, home-coming, games, talent shows, and many more events, but you also become a role model and a leader. You have to be dedicated to being a cheerleader and your grades must stay at their best at all times. Competition shows how hard you have work together as a team.
Now on the other hand all-star cheerleading teams are also fun. You have summer camp, parades, and many more unique events. An all-stars team has a mix of different skills such as tumbling, flexibility, and stunting. Some people know how to do more than other; but you all become very important when it comes to cheers and stunts. You get to do more worldwide events like going to Spain for two weeks, and going to Ohio for competition. Just know you still have to have at least a C in each class or higher; you must come to all practice, and be prepared at all times.