Does Barbie Have A Bad Influence On Little Girls?

A lot of parents thinks Barbie’s have a bad influence because the maker of Barbie has an exclusive sense of style. Such as, having tattoos, dressing to old and having a boyfriend. Parents say that Barbie’s oversized breasts are inappropriate for little girls. A man made Barbie and made her body, as if every woman should be made this way to be beautiful. Little girls might ask questions and so forth about, how they are different than her or maybe even, why she doesn’t have the same shape as it. Their was another argument that some parents didn’t like, Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. They didn’t think that was a good idea because they don’t want their child to think its ok to have a boyfriend at this age or even leaving in the same house. Some parents don’t want them to do anything sexual with Barbie and Ken. Parents might think that, they made Barbie to perfect. No fat, nice size, pretty eyes, skin color, hair and also body. They don’t want their child to think everything is perfect, such as not a perfect life. It’s just too unrealistic! Did you know that they have a Barbie that is pregnant? That’s way out of line, kids are to young to play with a doll has a baby in them. Let known in this world teen pregnancy has sky rock it. This is a No No for certain parents, some parents think it’s a good idea for their children get to know motherhood and responsibilities at a young age. Well known female rapper, Nicki Minaj, has called herself a Barbie since day one. She makes herself look and sometimes act like a Barbie. From her hair to her shoes, she has an image as a Barbie, such as her makeup, hair (color), breast, small waist, big hips and her sense of style. So ask yourself, would you let your little girl play with Barbie? Would you have her playing with Ken also? Is this a stereotype that woman are supposed to be made this way? Does this mess with little girls head about being perfect? Is this really setting my child to motherhood, will really help her? Is this leading her into the wrong direction? Next time, if you see your daughter begging you to buy her a Barbie doll, think about the message your sending to your child.


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