The Chicago’s Blackhawks and Boston’s Bruins haven’t battle






The Chicago’s Blackhawks and Boston’s Bruins haven’t battle for the cup since the year of 2011 which was the year of the NHL lockout. The Blackhawks have been fighting all season for the cup. But when I watched game 1 last night it was a battle for the win because both teams were doing everything in their power to win, but it could only be one winner so for game 1 the Blackhawks came on top. 

According to stats the Bruins have been dominating the playoff but I think the Blackhawks will be the team to win the Stanley Cup because they are a very hard working team who seems to never give up when they are down. But talk around the NHL is that the Hawks need to grab momentum in order to win the cup.

The Matches will take place in Chicago for the first two games then in Boston for the next two games and if have to Chicago for game 5 and 7 and Boston for 6 and these games will be on the last 3 weeks of June. But the Teams are positive when it comes to winning during the regular season with Chicago record at 36-7-5 and Boston at 26-14-6. When I look at those record or standings the Blackhawks look to be the better team. The Hawks are being led by their key player Patrick Sharp who stats this season were 20 points scored and 14 assist. Bruins are being led by Daniel Paille has 17 points and 7 assist, and Tuukka Rask have 70 goal against. 

The Hawks blog have reported that the way the Hawks played in Game 2 they have issues that need to be fixed before it too late for them. Fox News reported this from the Bruins.

“BOSTON – Just imagine what Tuukka Rask and Tim Thomas chat about when the present and past Boston Bruins goalies, and friends, have time to talk.


Perhaps they discuss what it’s like to stop shot after shot at the most important time of the season.


But Rask isn’t saying.”


“It’s between him and me,” he said Sunday.

I guess that mean the team are trying to keep everything private from the media and leave all things between the team.

This championship is so important for both teams because many don’t really believe in them to have success expect for their cities and also this is their first time playing for the cup since 2011 lockout year so it’s pretty much a way for either team to have bragging rights on each other.






-Ronald Jones


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