Rose Reviving His Thorns

2010-11 MVP and three-time All-Star Derrick Rose’s return may not be returning as quickly as we all thought. After all, he’s been patient since the devastating April 28 injury. Rose’s return from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee has been making all Bulls fan anxious and worried about when his return is set to be made. After all of the rumors going on about his return after the all-star break, the truth is here. Even though Rose is practicing and traveling with the team, there is no specific target date, and D-Rose is o.k. with it. Rose told USA Today that “There is no specific day of me returning until I’m 110% ready.” And Rose himself said he is “Far Far Away and maybe he is about 80 right now.”
This is big news for Bulls fans and certainly not something that they want to hear as the postseason quickly approaches. Rose isn’t sure that his body will heal in time to play this season and that could seriously determine how well this team can compete in the postseason. Bulls fans still need to keep Rose in their mind and hearts as they were doing, because just because he isn’t coming back earlier doesn’t mean he won’t come back. The team is 30-22 without him this season and at times has looked really dominant without him. Everyone in Chicago is waiting for their savior to return to bring the Bulls back as the top dogs in the EAST.
Derrick Rose is one of the best elite guards the league has ever had. The Bulls organization was blessed to have a person with so much love for the game itself and the fans, and doesn’t want anything more than just to win to make his hometown proud. This is why kids and fans of Derrick Rose care so much about him, he possesses so much positive energy to all the fans across the world and he is a leader among them. “Rose going through his torn ACL Rehab is killing him so much deep down, that it is stopping him from playing the game he loves” Bulls teammates said.
Everyone continues to wish D-Rose the best of luck because he will come back even better than expected. ACL injuries are the toughest of them all to come back in sports history. And everyone across the league wishes it can end forever. (Derrick Rose, Ricky Rubio, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Rush, and Lou Williams)

– Jamal Carr


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  1. Awesome update on D. Rose, I was starting to wonder what happened to him.

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