How I Got Suspended!!!

Suspension and expulsion from school are used to punish students, tell parents, and protect other students and school staff from what has happen. Suspension and expulsion from schools are methods used by school to decrease violence, drug abuse, and criminal activities that happen at school. Suspension and expulsion are also used to deal with difficult and challenging behaviors that come from students.
It all started in 7pd U.S. History Class when I decided to make smack videos (Shouts out to the FAM). I didn’t know recording videos in school was illegal. About two or three weeks later the videos went viral on the web. Everybody seen them they were funny videos we got good likes, and comments on them. A couple of weeks later I am in the lunch room around 7:30 AM talking about stuff you know eating having a good time in the morning until I got snaked. Then I got sent to Mr. Jordan office they asked me questions about what happen with the video. The principle walked in and said I could get kicked out for that so I had stop making the videos in they gave me a 10 days suspension. So when you recording videos making sure not recording them in school around the school period because what happen to me can happen to you so don’t record in school.


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