Chicago’s Finnest: Museums

By Engel Williams

Chicago the windy city and place of opportunity has many things to keep the mind and body busy. There are: schools, jobs, sports, resorts, and extra-curricular activities they can all be enjoyed for a small fee. The land of Chicago is vast and has plenty of history to reveal, some hidden in the darker parts of text, or in the background of art, even the uses of scientific uses. Chicago is the place where a large amount of United States happened, some of it is good, some bad and the ugly.  The energy you get when you walk through one of Chicago’s many facilities a sense of excitement will spark, and enthusiasm fills the air.

Chicago Museums and Museum attractions are the pride of many Chicagoans’, and they still stand even after centuries of use of maintenance.

  • The Chicago Museum of natural History, opened since 1893 has many exhibits and a place of diverse life that once was and still exists. They feature artifacts from past and present civilizations and what exist now, they have dinosaur exhibits and cases for bug lovers to peer and examine their favorite insect. They have open interactive on rare stone production, and Egyptian wing to explore the time of the pharaoh. The present exhibit is a in detail dinosaur event featuring the most ferocious T-rex discovered yet, and for the kids a dino sleepover experience, for after night fun under the dinosaur. If you’re into grand fairs then the “Wonders of the 1893 World’s fair” is for you, its upcoming event starts Oct 25, 2013 and ends Sept 7, 2014. The museum is opened every day except Christmas, from 9am to 5pm, for all access it cost: 
  • Adult: $30
  • Child (ages 3-11): $21
  • Senior (65 years +): $25
  • Student (w/ valid ID): $25

But for regular it cost:

  • Adult: $15
  • Child (ages 3-11): $10
  • Senior (65 years +): $12
  • Student (w/ valid ID): $12

The Science and Industry museum is a building dedicated to the physiology and scientific point of view to the world around us, you can literally see how the inside of an animal looks it looks worth it. The common attractions is the Science Storms to see how natural disasters take place, the Animal inside look that literally lets you look inside animals, also common things like the bicycle that has inspired scientist to experiment on its mechanics. They even feature omnimax features on space junk and the aerodynamics of airplanes, they are virtual simulations on out this experience that take you on out of this experience’s. The large facilities that are available for a summer long fun filled experience, its open from 9:30am-4:00pm: however it has its exceptions of 5:00 n certain days.

Ticket Type

Adult Senior (65+) Child (3-11)
General Admission1 $18 $17 $11
General Admission for Chicago residents1 $15 $14 $10

For Chicago has alot to offer you, and has alot to tell will you take time out of your time to come? So please take into consideration what offers are available and make it to this grand occasion, full of fun and plenty of activities to keep your child safe and busy.


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  1. this paper is very informational and the article is good

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