The Game is On

Premiering in 2006, The Game has blossomed into a phenomenon. The Game started off as a backdoor episode of Girlfriends. The concept off the show caught the attention of the CW network. Soon later, the show stared their season, followed by 4 more seasons.

On March, 6, 2013, The Game came out with its 6th season. Some fans were disappointed to find out some of the best characters on the show wasn’t going to return, like Darwin Davis and Melanie Barnett. Replacing them is Lauren London (kierra) and Jay Ellis (Blueprint). There are other new additions to the cast like Ciara and Brandy added to the show.
Since debuting the 6th season, there has been 6 episodes. The new season started off with Darwin Davis getting traded with Bryce west brook also known as blue. Blue is the number one draft pick. Lauren London is a retired TV child star. Brandy is Jason Pitt’s new wife after tricking him into marring her.

The new season so far is actually really good, although it probably won’t top the last five seasons. The storyline is still great, with all the drama. There are a lot of famous guest appearances too, like Angela Simmons. There were also speculations that Tia Mowry was going to be in a two-part episode in the new season to wrap her character as Melanie Barnett. Who knows, Pooch “Darwin Davis” Hall might too.

This season of The Game is going to be really a hit, like it has always been. Although some amazing characters were lost and a lot was gained, many Fans are still looking forward to future seasons.


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