Fatherless Teenagers

Being a teenager without a father is hard. You see all your friends with their fathers, and you realize you don’t have one around. Not having a father is not just emotionally hard; it can take a huge toll on your future and how you act.
Fatherless teens are easy to spot. According to thefatherlessgeneration.wordpress.com, teens with no father a more likely to drop out of school and act out. One parent can’t always give attention to their child; this causes them to act out. They may do something good or maybe bad, just as long as they get some attention.
Thefatherlessgeneration.wordpress.com also said that girls with fathers are less likely to be sexually active. They are also more emotional and depressed. They hide their pain of not having a father around through snatching any attention they can get. According to wnd.com girls with no father figures are more likely to get pregnant by a troubled guy.
Living in a home without a male model may lead to bad decisions and depression. According to photius.com, teens living in a single-parent house are more likely to commit suicide. They are also more likely to suffer from psychological disorders, when compared to teens living in intact families. They will also more likely turn to drinking and drugs.
In conclusion, living in a house with no father is hard. Even if you are one of these teens with no father figure, you can still make the right decisions and make sure your child has a father to look up to and respect.

Ashundia Johnson


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