White sox Vs Cubs Rivalry

The white sox and the cubs are both Chicago teams that represent the north side and other on represent the Southside. The first time the teams met was on October 9, 1906 in U.S Cellular field. The white sox have been located her since the team was made, and the cubs is on the north side park. The white sox have 3 world series titles, 6 league pennants,5 division titles, they have 9 playoff appearances, they went to the world series 5 times, and their winning percentage is .506. For the cubs well they have 2 world series title, 16 pennants,5 divisions titles,16 playoff appearances, and have gone the world series, and the Cubs beat the sox 41 times. The cub’s field is called the Wrigley Field and it was made in 1914. U.S Cellular Field was made in 1983. In the early 1900’s the Cubs were called the White Stockings, but when they reformed their team by letting go their aging stars a newspaper in the area called them the Cubs because of their young team and the name stuck and for the white sox The name White Sox came from sports writers from the Chicago Tribune who used the term “Sox” as a shortened version of their original name: The Chicago White Stockings. For the current season the white sox have Wins 9 Losses 12, and for the Cubs wins: 7 losses: 14.



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