The Irish Love Their Lucky Charms

by: Engel Williams

Do you seek the luck of the Irish? Want the perfect accessory on any green occasion? There are many to fit your taste from rabbit’s feet to four leaf clovers. even the most non-superstitious person would bend over and pick up a lucky penny and say it will make their day better.rabbitThe most rare and unusual lucky charm is the rabbit foot which came from Africa during slavery era. This is said to help you flee away from evil at the speed of a an animal.

The Europeans also have their own shares of luck, due to the Europeans being strong Christians they don’t use the snake like the egyptians; since they believe it is associated with the devil. So the Patron Saint of Ireland offered up the four leaf clover (Shamrock), which in Ireland is much easier to find on their plush and open green hills.

Clover Did you know that all the leaves on the clover actually mean something? The first leaf is hope, the second faith, the third love and the forth actually means luck.

“The most cosidered lucky objects are horeshoes, wishbones, and the lucky number 7, they came from Buddhism and Hinduism which represents the seven gods of fortune.charm

The ability to find a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow and a magical leprechaun, seems lucky, but oddly impossible yet is a part of the Irish tradition.Leprechaun

Also, if you’re into jewelry it can as well be used to bring good fortune. Rubies, Jades, Pearls, and other jewels are told to bring a type of good fortune. The use of talismens and other charms are also said to possess a dark connotation, such as the swastika, adopted by hitler which means “racism.”

However, on Saint patrick’s Day, bring your lucky charms and share the luck of the Irish.


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  1. i like your article i think its very good 🙂

  2. I like how you tell that all the leaves on the four leaf clover mean something.

  3. Hey! That was actually kind of good!

  4. Lashanda Harris

    i think that this article is very good and provides detailed information

  5. I like how you gave detailed descriptions of what the shamrock actually represents. It’s a good article

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