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God don’t Like Ugly: Blasphemy

Why is blasphemy so important to some and others just doing it blandly? What is blasphemy, you ask? Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence towards religious or holy people or things.

In America a lot of people use “blasphemy” every day. Although there is freedom of speech sometimes people tend to use curse, insults, and vulgar language so freely. People fail to realize that cursing has consequences and it is also very disrespectful to some people. In some countries state religions blasphemy is banned under the criminal code.

In Muslim religion, the penalties for blasphemy can vary from fines, imprisonment, flogging, amputation, hanging, or beheading. Judaist believes when a person uses blasphemy then they should be get the death penalty. According to, Christians believe that blasphemy is an unforgivable sin.

On the other hand according to, blasphemy is just a replacement or a shadow of our feelings and experiences. According to Blasphemy is a way of life. Blasphemy is a way to tell a big truth.

Although you may not realize that you’re speaking against the lord, you have done it. Advice, don’t say something or do something you might regret, and remember GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.


Math In The Real World

Some believe math is only a subject in school and you will never need it in the real world. There are actually many occupations and careers in which you will have to apply math. Whether you know it or not you, use math every day in simple things you do. For example, going to the store and buying junk food requires the use of math skills, like simple addition and subtraction.
When you buy your first car, you have to use basic math principles like adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplication. For some other careers, you have to be very well-educated in math. One example of this is becoming a doctor .When you are a surgeon, you have to measure how far you cut someone. When you’re a doctor who distributes medication, you have to measure the amount of drugs or medicine you give them.

If you wanted to be an architecture, you will need to plan what you need to do, and you will have to apply math when you’re building the buildings For example, you need to measure how tall the building is going to be and how much material you will need. If you wanted to be an accountant, you’ll definitely need math because you’re dealing with money, in fact you, are dealing with other people’s money. When you are giving and taking money, you have to exact or at least accurate enough.

You use math in little things from measuring flour to bake a cake, to measuring how much anesthesia you give someone when you are doctor. When you’re traveling, you need to know how far you are traveling in miles or you’re going to get lost. If you really think about it, you use math in everything you do. As you can see math is a very valuable subject to learn.

katlin Trapp

Just Say No

What is peer pressure? Peers are the people that are in the same social group as you and the same age as you. So, now you can basically infer that peer pressure means when your peers influence you to do and act a way you wouldn’t normally act.

Peer pressure affects many people, but the group of people that it mainly affect is teens and young adults. These groups of people are affected more because they’re in the stage where being liked and wanting to fit in really comes into play. A Teen’s years are the years where they are most vulnerable. Most kids want to be part of the in crowd and socially fit in, so they are easily persuaded to do things they wouldn’t normally do.

Parents tend to hold on and to be more strict when their child are in high school, because when you are in high school you are more exposed to drugs, sex, and alcohol. Kids can be persuaded into doing drugs when they go to parties and kickbacks where drugs and alcohol are present. Teen girls can be pressured by their boyfriends to have sex when they’re in a relationship. Another example of peer pressure is like, for example, if some kids wanted to ditch class and then you feel pressured because they ask you to go and you don’t want to say no because you think they will talk about you or think you scary, and now you’re stuck between choosing the right thing, or going with your friends. What will you do?

Although, peer pressure is usually portrayed in a bad way, there are times when peers can have a positive influence on you. For example, if you don’t do your work, your peers can give a word of advice, or you can see them doing well and you want to do good too.

Whether you know it or not your peers influence you. By just hanging around and talking to them, your mind takes in what they’re saying and doing. When it comes to bad influences, don’t cave in. It may be hard, but you have to be strong. This is a word of advice: be you, no matter what.

Katlin Trapp

The Game is On

Premiering in 2006, The Game has blossomed into a phenomenon. The Game started off as a backdoor episode of Girlfriends. The concept off the show caught the attention of the CW network. Soon later, the show stared their season, followed by 4 more seasons.

On March, 6, 2013, The Game came out with its 6th season. Some fans were disappointed to find out some of the best characters on the show wasn’t going to return, like Darwin Davis and Melanie Barnett. Replacing them is Lauren London (kierra) and Jay Ellis (Blueprint). There are other new additions to the cast like Ciara and Brandy added to the show.
Since debuting the 6th season, there has been 6 episodes. The new season started off with Darwin Davis getting traded with Bryce west brook also known as blue. Blue is the number one draft pick. Lauren London is a retired TV child star. Brandy is Jason Pitt’s new wife after tricking him into marring her.

The new season so far is actually really good, although it probably won’t top the last five seasons. The storyline is still great, with all the drama. There are a lot of famous guest appearances too, like Angela Simmons. There were also speculations that Tia Mowry was going to be in a two-part episode in the new season to wrap her character as Melanie Barnett. Who knows, Pooch “Darwin Davis” Hall might too.

This season of The Game is going to be really a hit, like it has always been. Although some amazing characters were lost and a lot was gained, many Fans are still looking forward to future seasons.


There are many beaches in Chicago on the south side and north side that were closed throughout the summer of 2012. Many were closed because of the unsanitary conditions that caused the water to be dirty. Some south side beaches that were closed include Rainbow Beach, Ashe Beach, Jackson Park and many more. Some north side beaches that were closed include Fullerton Beach, 25th/26th Street Beaches, Hollywood beach, and Montrose beach.
North side beaches in Chicago have been proving cleaner than many of the south side beaches. North side beaches have a more high class image than south side beaches, which have an image of being more unsanitary and unsafe. The south side beaches have an image of serving those who come from a lower class background.
Some south side beaches that are considered neighborhood beaches are the ones that are more likely to be dirty than the north side neighborhood beaches. One big reason why some beaches are not as clean as other beaches is because there are more people going to those special beaches which cause the beaches to become less clean. the clearner beaches are sevring less poeple.

Windy City Attractions

Chicago, also known as “The Windy City”, is home to some of the most amazing sites and places to visit in the country. Tourists come from all over the world to see some of these must-see sites. To start you off on your adventure through Chicago, here’s three amazing places to visit…

1.)Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a great place to visit when in Chicago. There are many activities going on. Actually, there is always an event at navy pier. On the 4th of July and every Saturday, you can go and enjoy the fireworks. Navy Pier also has many different cruises, such as the dinner cruise, and they have private charter cruises if you wanted to just go out on the lake and enjoy the summer breeze. Navy pier is actually like an amusement park.  They have many rides and museums located in the place, like The Smith Museum of Stained Glass, which is an awesome place to visit. Come enjoy the fun and the beauty of Navy Pier, you won’t regret it.

2.)Millennium Park

Located in the heart of Chicago, Millennium Park is known as the crown in Chicago. Millennium park has many reasons why people, whether they are tourists or not, should visit. Millennium Park has many attractions inside other than the park itself, like the Harris Theater which seats just over 1,200 people.  This theater is mostly known for their music concerts and ballet shows. Now here’s the best place inside the park, the Crown Fountain. Kids and adults love the fountain. The Crown Fountain is a 50 foot glass tower with shallow pools on both sides. One of the most amazing things to see in Millennium Park is the Cloud Gate, also known as the Bean. The Bean is one of the first pieces of art in the United States by a very famous artist , and many people come to see this amazing piece of artwork. Want to know more about it personally? Why not come visit?

3.)Magnificent Mile

Why do you think its called magnificent? Well, here’s why, the Magnificent Mile is a great Chicago shopping experience. The Magnificent Mile is home to some of the most well-known stores, like Burberry, Polo Ralph Lauren, and H&M. There are also a variety boutiques. There are many stores that can meet your shopping desires. There are also hotels like the Hilton, restaurants like Grand Lux Cafe, and attractions like Millennium Park. They also have fashion shows and celebrity appearances. See, its not called magnificent for no reason!

If you don’t believe me, why don’t you come see for yourself?

Katlin Trapp

Yes, First Sergeant

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone that influences you in a good way. Someone who understands you, gets you, and is a good person to everyone, my teacher, First Sergeant Jackson is that person who influences me.
First Sergeant Jackson is one of the best teachers here. He’s very caring, although he shows in a tough love kind-of way. He’s a good influence. I can’t say what other people feel, but me personally, I think he’s a strong leader, and I want to be a leader as good as him when I get older. He wants his students to become independent and responsible. For example, Sergeant Jackson has us go to the lab on Monday’s. We write papers that are due on Wednesdays, no later than 10pm. He never reminds us; we have to remember. This teaching us how to be independent, because we can’t rely on him to tell us. It’s teaching us how to be responsible because he’s giving us specific time and day to turn it in and if it’s late he won’t take it, so we have to be responsible enough to do it and turn it in on time. This prepares us for college.
First sergeant is one of my favorite teachers because he doesn’t show favoritism. He treats everyone the same, no matter what. He’s also easy to talk to; you can come to him about any problem and he will be 100% honest with you. You can trust him with any secrets; he’s very honest and trustworthy. He is dedicated to his students, he would never just up and leave his students feeling alone and hanging.
First sergeant Jackson is one of the best teachers any student can have and I am very happy to be one of his students.

Katlin Trapp

Lucky from the Beginning

Saint Patrick’s Day is the day all Irish come together with family and friends to celebrate Saint Patrick.

Who is Saint Patrick, you ask?

Saint Patrick is the founder of Christianity in Ireland. He was born to Catholic parents in 385. When he was sixteen he was captured from Ireland and sold as a slave to a king. At age twenty-two, according to, he heard a voice in his sleep telling him; he will be back home soon. Later, he heard the voice again telling him his ship was ready. It was assumed to be God. He then decided, after another “encounter” with God, to become a priest for the rest of his life. And he did. Before he died of natural causes on March, 17, 1762 (the assumed day he died, although no one really knows), he founded over 300 churches and baptized more than 120,000 people. While doing these things, he escaped twelve times from either getting robbed, murdered, or captured back as a slave. Saint Patrick was the Scottish Missionary in Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day became a national holiday in Ireland In 1903, and spread around the world, eventually. It has been a tradition to celebrate him ever since he died. This day gives people who believe in the birth of Christianity in Ireland to celebrate his accomplishments and their entry into heaven. Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dancing, especially drinking beer, and eating a traditional meal of cabbage and Irish bacon.

The parade is to honor Irish soldiers serving in the American Army. The parade gives the Irish soldiers a piece of their culture and roots. This Day became a celebration of the Irish culture. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the oldest celebrations dating all the way back to the fifth century celebrated every year March 17th.

Katlin trapp

The Bright Side of going to College

Ever wonder what’s the purpose of going to college? Once you graduate how will a sheet of paper help you survive in life?  Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of benefits to going to college and getting an education.

Here are the TOP FOUR benefits of going to college…

Better Job Opportunities:
With a college degree you will have a variety of career opportunities and better chances of landing a spot in that field. If you only achieve a high school diploma, you can still get a job, but probably not the best. According to, if you don’t have a college degree you will be working harder and longer, with less pay. So, my advice would be go to college, and attain the best career out there for you.
Get More Money:
If you have a college degree you get better career opportunities, with better careers you get more money. The better your career, the more benjamins you bring home in your pocket. Even if you have the same career as a less educated person you will get more money because you have a higher education. According to, college graduates earn about one million dollars more in lifetime earnings as compared to a person with only a high school diploma. So, don’t worry about all the money you spend on an education in college, it’ll pay off in the future.
Better Living:
Being a college graduate, you also have a better life according to With going to college, studies have shown that you are in better health, exercise more, and smoke less. Don’t get me wrong you can still have good health, exercise, and not smoke at all, but college students have a better chance because of the type of environment.  Being in a civilized environment helps to steer away from trouble, oppose to being in the streets around more violence and drugs. When you go to college it’ll change your mindset.
Improves Your Skills:
Depending on what college you attend, it might be diverse and you will meet many new people, this helps with your social skills. Going to college also helps with the way you communicate with people; you learn not everyone speaks improper English. You learn what to say and when to say it. Social relationships are key to a successful future aside from going to college because if you know someone and that someone knows someone, they might hook you up with a job and something beneficial for your future.

So what are you going to do? Yep, that’s what I thought…go to college!

– Katlin Trapp

Where’s the Party At?

What is a kickback? A kickback is a laid back get together with a couple of close friends, more than a gathering less than a party. At kickbacks you do party-like things such as drinking and excessive dancing.
Aside from school, parties and kickbacks are like a must have. Social media is a good way to advertise the next event, especially Facebook. They’re always posting up when and where the next party is. The number one thing you have to focus on when going to a party or kickback is how you look, and whose going to be there. You have to be on point with your clothes, and you want to know whose going because you don’t want to be around someone you don’t like, it might cause some tension and it might be a problem.

Kids love kickbacks and parties because they are very social events. If you are anti-social, the parties are not for you. Parties and kickbacks are like a meeting ground and just a free spirited atmosphere. You can mingle, make new friends, and dance till your weave get stiff like a board. You can meet potential boyfriends/girlfriends, or best friends. Although kids believe parties are the best way to have fun, some parents believe otherwise. Some parents may believe that their child is too young to go to parties. Especially girls, they parents might be scared that will juke too hard and get pregnant, joking. At the end of the day, whether your parents approve or not, kids nowadays will do what they want regardless.

Freedom and fun are so important to a teenager. Being able to do things for yourself is great, feeling that sense of independence for 5 hours, is the best feeling in the world. Parties/kickbacks are part of that equation because you choose what you wear, how your hair looks, going out and doing you. To be honest parties today are just like being in a club.

All the hard work you do at school and home, it gets to you, sometimes kids just have to get out and have fun doing something they like, such as kicking it with friends. All you have to do as a teen is get an education, work hard, and listen to your parents, then you can partyyyyyy like no tomorrow, just like you like it.

Katlin Trapp