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Sweet or Deadly

By: Engel Williams

            Pepsi and Coca-Cola are sold in department stores, vending machines, and restaurants all around  the United States of America, and made, and developed, by the Coca-Cola company has inspired millions to drink down hundreds and millions of cans a year. People drink it because, of course it’s sweet, and tasty, and makes you feel good, but do you take into consideration of what is in it? Sure there is the 41grams of sugar in a 12oz can; however you should take into consideration how much you drink. Pepsi is full of acids such as phosphoric acids, and carbonic acids which are carbon dioxide mixed in with the water; yet only brands like Coca-Cola have this in their beverages.

The Benefits

  • It quenches the thirst
  • It’s really sweet
  • Kills bugs and weeds
  • Gets stains out of clothes
  • The sugar rush

The Consequences

  • Full of acids and chemicals
  • Too much sugar and can be addicting
  • Spreads toxins throughout the body( if consumed large quantity)
  • Has carbon dioxide mixed in with the substance
  • Eventually it will wear down on teeth and the bones at a much faster pace.

There is a big argument whether drinking it is good or not, however the only one who can decide if drinking this is alright for you. You should be considerate of what you’re taking into your system. It has so many side effects that will harm you, and the two addictions make it impossible to quit, so far the only thing that won’t get hurt is the stomach which can take 2.0g pH and the rest of your body is getting harmed. So try to cut down or better cut off Pepsi form your diet to preserve your bones and your body form future dangers.



School focus and resolve

How to be successful in School

By: Engel Williams

                        Ever felt you weren’t getting all you want out of the educational system? Want to learn more and actually feel dedicated to school? These are simple steps to make your final days of school satisfying:

  1. 1.      Focus– You may hear this a lot, and more than in one place, but focusing is possible and really easy to achieve. For some more effective than others and can be done with ease; however you must do multiple steps and procedures before you can really concentrate.
  • Distractions- They are one of the many causes of someone getting off topic, they come in many forms. They will pull your interest to something else irrelevant and will waist time. Try to eliminate all the technology and gadgets from the room, with the exception of an mp3 player or music player to liven the mood of the room.
  • Freedom- Often people feel homework or classwork takes away from your free will or time but that will help you in the long run. Just try to visualize your future and every consequence possible. That may make the ability of making decisions easier and available in the future.
  • Attitude adjustment- when you hear the words grow up, it may feel offensive but try to take the time and look inside yourself and think am I right. Don’t take it as people trying to hurt you but, people looking out for your best efforts, and its ok to be goofy or act out sometime but don’t make it apart of your personality.
  1. 2.      Progress- You may feel you’re stuck in a big hole and can’t dig yourself out. Just try to remember there are people who love you believe it or not and they will give you any assistance necessary to help you achieve your goals.
  • Open Up- There is a line teenagers make to separate themselves and others, they are most vulnerable at this time of their lives; any abuse would automatically make things worse. So teens should be set in a safe and acceptable environment (Ex. School, Home, Friends etc.) so they can try to open up to officials for any type of help.
  • Acceptance- In most schools the “bad” kids are set out from “good” kids there is such thing as “bad” however “good” is not even applied to people no one is “good”, however there is well trained, spoiled, or well taken care of, or prodigies. May be just maybe if you take away a little of the given adoration for the prodigies and give some of it to the, abused, mistreated and corrupt offspring, it may give their life some value, and you will see value.
  1. 3.      Achievement’s- Like many you want to feel proud and look forward to making a change, however they can also block your progress in school.
  • Envy or Jealousy- Someone over does or pushes your achievement’s to the side and you try to just let it pass but it’s something on your mind that makes you faun or despise the person or the work. Well that’s jealousy for you and you don’t realize you’re jealous until you are pressured, and things become a giant pretzel. Try to face this emotion yourself and get it off your chest and in order to do this try meditation and other relaxing methods to overcome your troubles and remember everyone is different and destined for different things.
  • Over thinking or doing- There is good but some try to rise beyond that and beyond. If you want good then try to the best of your ability, let’s be honest be yourself and do what you can do. People may accept what you may have to offer and you may blow their mind.       

World of relievers

By: Engel Williams

            Ever hated being pressured and feel the need to relax or let of some steam? If you’ve ever thought of relieving stress in a positive or negative manner, that will usually result in a nasty after effect.

            How you resolve the stress is much more important than, what is causing the stress.

“They also assert that smoking is relaxing and causes pleasurable feelings; indeed studies have associated the onset of smoking during the teenage years with high levels of stress present at this time.” ~Biology 181H Group Seven

            Somehow smoking becomes more common in teenagers, and are completely aware of its positive effect, and yet have little concern for the negative effects. However there are other ways to resolve stress, much safer and healthy and in multiple varieties.

Physical remedies

  • Massages- They is well known and really relaxing for the body, they soothe and loosen tight muscles of the back. They make the mind totally relaxed and think clearly, as well as other spa or therapeutic options, have the same effect.
  • Meditation- Everyone does it every now and then, its common practice. It is used open your mind and talk to yourself or other being, and letting all your worries go and breathe.
  • Exercise- Who doesn’t exercise it’s a great way to let go and work your body, similar to meditation, it will give you time alone.
  • Organize- You can organize your room it’s a great exercise of self-control and peace of mind. It’s proven that the little things that are out of place will put you on edge.
  • Sleep and hibernation- The most useful and common reliever is sleep, and there is a catch to sleeping. You must not get too little sleep or too much. That may cause insomnia and grogginess, and may make you sluggish; too little you’re exhausted throughout the day. 

Remedies and intake

  • Passion Flower- an herb you can buy at your nearby clinic, it has a relieving affect that gets rid of anxiety and insomnia “Though not proven, it is believed that passionflower works by increasing levels of a chemical called gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) in the brain. This lowers the activity of some brain cells, making you feel more relaxed.” (Dr. Manny)
  • Eating Healthy- Eating junk food is bad for you as if you didn’t know this already, it can also and make you depressed. Eating healthy can improve your mood and overall health, try other exotic foods. (Also if you can try to avoid too much coffee it will cause anxiety and jitters.)
  • B-Vitamins- It’s probably to best to increase your vitamin B, they fight fatigue and promote a healthy brain and nervous system. They can prevent Depression and apathy if you experience depression or apathy then you is low on B vitamins. B vitamins are typically found in the germ and bran of cereal grains, as well as beans, peas, nuts, liver, eggs and dairy products.Read more:

Chicago’s Finnest: Museums

By Engel Williams

Chicago the windy city and place of opportunity has many things to keep the mind and body busy. There are: schools, jobs, sports, resorts, and extra-curricular activities they can all be enjoyed for a small fee. The land of Chicago is vast and has plenty of history to reveal, some hidden in the darker parts of text, or in the background of art, even the uses of scientific uses. Chicago is the place where a large amount of United States happened, some of it is good, some bad and the ugly.  The energy you get when you walk through one of Chicago’s many facilities a sense of excitement will spark, and enthusiasm fills the air.

Chicago Museums and Museum attractions are the pride of many Chicagoans’, and they still stand even after centuries of use of maintenance.

  • The Chicago Museum of natural History, opened since 1893 has many exhibits and a place of diverse life that once was and still exists. They feature artifacts from past and present civilizations and what exist now, they have dinosaur exhibits and cases for bug lovers to peer and examine their favorite insect. They have open interactive on rare stone production, and Egyptian wing to explore the time of the pharaoh. The present exhibit is a in detail dinosaur event featuring the most ferocious T-rex discovered yet, and for the kids a dino sleepover experience, for after night fun under the dinosaur. If you’re into grand fairs then the “Wonders of the 1893 World’s fair” is for you, its upcoming event starts Oct 25, 2013 and ends Sept 7, 2014. The museum is opened every day except Christmas, from 9am to 5pm, for all access it cost: 
  • Adult: $30
  • Child (ages 3-11): $21
  • Senior (65 years +): $25
  • Student (w/ valid ID): $25

But for regular it cost:

  • Adult: $15
  • Child (ages 3-11): $10
  • Senior (65 years +): $12
  • Student (w/ valid ID): $12

The Science and Industry museum is a building dedicated to the physiology and scientific point of view to the world around us, you can literally see how the inside of an animal looks it looks worth it. The common attractions is the Science Storms to see how natural disasters take place, the Animal inside look that literally lets you look inside animals, also common things like the bicycle that has inspired scientist to experiment on its mechanics. They even feature omnimax features on space junk and the aerodynamics of airplanes, they are virtual simulations on out this experience that take you on out of this experience’s. The large facilities that are available for a summer long fun filled experience, its open from 9:30am-4:00pm: however it has its exceptions of 5:00 n certain days.

Ticket Type

Adult Senior (65+) Child (3-11)
General Admission1 $18 $17 $11
General Admission for Chicago residents1 $15 $14 $10

For Chicago has alot to offer you, and has alot to tell will you take time out of your time to come? So please take into consideration what offers are available and make it to this grand occasion, full of fun and plenty of activities to keep your child safe and busy.

South Shore has Art interest

SSCIP Art Club

By Engel Williams

            School isn’t all about education and sports, it can have its fun and daily stress relievers. Spending your time with friends and painting and releasing all that extra creativity with its large and well stock of supplies anything is possible. The club has a lot of benefits from meeting new friends and relating to them with ease. The reason there is an art club is because a group of friends and the teacher decided to start up a club that would make art longer and exciting. The club itself has contributed to the and still contribute to the school, from the talent shows to the Holiday occasions, and also the kids with certain abilities contribute. Art club is a team effort and takes creativity to run it. During our time of planning and putting together props for the future of SSCIP, the art club also has a few scholarship offers available.

            Art Club is an opportunity to express yourself and let go in a creative matter, to turn those negative emotions not something to feel, but emotions on paper. There is a chance for you to make it big and get out there through artistic energy. The art club supports the school through design and creative props made by the members on certain occasions. The art club also has an opening for learning hours, where we will make a big mural on the wall of the school if permitted. The art club itself is all student effort and is something to easily put effort into, you won’t be able to draw or create perfectly at everything at first, but in the club your talents will get better over time while in the club.

            This maybe one of many CPS school districts that has a functional art and music curriculum, which is more safe and healthy than hanging outside in the streets during your free time.

The Irish Love Their Lucky Charms

by: Engel Williams

Do you seek the luck of the Irish? Want the perfect accessory on any green occasion? There are many to fit your taste from rabbit’s feet to four leaf clovers. even the most non-superstitious person would bend over and pick up a lucky penny and say it will make their day better.rabbitThe most rare and unusual lucky charm is the rabbit foot which came from Africa during slavery era. This is said to help you flee away from evil at the speed of a an animal.

The Europeans also have their own shares of luck, due to the Europeans being strong Christians they don’t use the snake like the egyptians; since they believe it is associated with the devil. So the Patron Saint of Ireland offered up the four leaf clover (Shamrock), which in Ireland is much easier to find on their plush and open green hills.

Clover Did you know that all the leaves on the clover actually mean something? The first leaf is hope, the second faith, the third love and the forth actually means luck.

“The most cosidered lucky objects are horeshoes, wishbones, and the lucky number 7, they came from Buddhism and Hinduism which represents the seven gods of fortune.charm

The ability to find a pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow and a magical leprechaun, seems lucky, but oddly impossible yet is a part of the Irish tradition.Leprechaun

Also, if you’re into jewelry it can as well be used to bring good fortune. Rubies, Jades, Pearls, and other jewels are told to bring a type of good fortune. The use of talismens and other charms are also said to possess a dark connotation, such as the swastika, adopted by hitler which means “racism.”

However, on Saint patrick’s Day, bring your lucky charms and share the luck of the Irish.

A Day in College Life…

A Day in College Life...

There’s Nothing Like Therapy

There's Nothing Like Therapy

by Engel Williams