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Starbucks best latte

Starbucks is best known for its drinks. In the mourning people usually buy their coffee or breakfast. Adults spend most of their money there in the mornings. I wanted to taste some of their latte’s and see why everyone likes them so much. I wanted to see if they are any good and if so, which one of them I think is the best.
The Starbucks lists of drinks are very long. I only tried a few, all of them having café in them. First, the Iced Vanilla Latte is decent so was the Iced Flavored Latte but it has like 50g’s of fat. The Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte isn’t even that good; I don’t know why so many people like it. The Cinnamon Dolce Latte taste better and in my opinion, the best Starbucks has.
I think that for things like espressos and cappuccinos Starbucks is the place to go, especially in the mourning’s and the afternoons. I give Starbucks a 4 ½ stars for lattes and an overall grade of B+. This seems like a pretty decent considering I didn’t taste any food!



Career Happening

Ever wonder how the classes you take in school could help in your future career. Since I have been in journalism, I can honestly say it has made me a better writer. I plan on becoming a writer, and now I feel a lot more experienced and confident in my writing. Many people don’t realize the unique classes you take now will help with your career.
I’m not in the medical program, but the people who are have a better chance of becoming a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc. They are learning the basics of the medical field before they even get to college. It’s almost like how I am learning the basics to journalism before I’m in college. Its classes will build your career up, but only if you take them seriously.
The basic classes like math and English will also help. These classes may even be more important than the medical. Why? Because you can always go to medical school, but you won’t get accepted if you don’t take these classes seriously. English helps you with basically any career/job you choose in the future. You use math for basically everything you do without even realizing it.
Lastly, the classes you take and how you handle them can determine where and who you will be in a few years. For example, being in journalism has made me a better writer, and I have more confidence in my ability to become a writer and director in the future. If you succeed these classes to your expectations and keep going, you will have a bright future ahead of you.

BY:Ashundia Johnson

Fatherless Teenagers

Being a teenager without a father is hard. You see all your friends with their fathers, and you realize you don’t have one around. Not having a father is not just emotionally hard; it can take a huge toll on your future and how you act.
Fatherless teens are easy to spot. According to, teens with no father a more likely to drop out of school and act out. One parent can’t always give attention to their child; this causes them to act out. They may do something good or maybe bad, just as long as they get some attention. also said that girls with fathers are less likely to be sexually active. They are also more emotional and depressed. They hide their pain of not having a father around through snatching any attention they can get. According to girls with no father figures are more likely to get pregnant by a troubled guy.
Living in a home without a male model may lead to bad decisions and depression. According to, teens living in a single-parent house are more likely to commit suicide. They are also more likely to suffer from psychological disorders, when compared to teens living in intact families. They will also more likely turn to drinking and drugs.
In conclusion, living in a house with no father is hard. Even if you are one of these teens with no father figure, you can still make the right decisions and make sure your child has a father to look up to and respect.

Ashundia Johnson

International Awareness

There are so many ways things that make SSICP international. One is adding world language as a course for all students. Another would be taking more field trips that expose students to different nationalities. A very rare international step would be to enroll a student from another country into are school. These things are what make our school international.

Our school has many things planned for us, from United Nations day celebrations, to field trips to museums and international restaurants. The woman responsible for all these international things is Dr. Palmer. She brings the world to SSICP because she has connections with international experienced people.  We plan to become very involved with other countries. Also, Dr Shaffdean Amuwo, the assistant dean of school of public help, is working with high schools in Nigeria. He has the connections to do foreign exchange from their school to ours.

The flags hanging in the hallway increase are international image. The movies shown in the library are also helping are international appearance. These film series are shown to us to introduce students to different cultures. This way, we won’t be so clueless when we visit places like the Mexican Fine Arts museum, Little Italy, and more. Chicago has many international places we will go see. Events like this were set up by Dr. Echaruvba and Ms. Espinoza.

Through our IB (International Baccalaureate) program we follow many themes. Our current theme is to be open-minded. To be open-minded is to be opened to new things, such as accepting people from different countries.

What suggestions do you have to make our school more International?

– Ashundia Johnson

My Week in School…

Monday was actually pretty decent, aside from geometry which is one of my least favorite classes. It’s like I hear the teacher when he talks, but I don’t hear his point. Anyway, my driver’s teachers told us we did not have to have a 75% in the class to take the exam. This made me happy the rest of the day.
As for Tuesday, it was dry; I had to take a test in almost every class. I also found out I passed all my final exams, like I knew I would. Spanish was hilarious; there are some people in there that clown so much. Our teacher makes us act out things in Spanish, and it never works out the way we plan to, well at least not for me.
Wednesday sucked, I usually dress in uniform, but I’m always late so I assume that I never even get counted. I also took my Driver’s Ed exam; all my friends took theirs before me. They kept telling me it was easy, but some questions were confusing, they were kind of right.

As for Thursday, I sort of got involved with drama that’s not mine. It was my best friend’s drama, and it reminds me of a soap opera. While I was going to Spanish almost the entire sophomore student body came running down the hall like they lost it. Little did they know, they weren’t getting their yellow card that day.

TGIF! Friday was our awards assembly, and I got most improved nothing. I’m smart enough to do the work, but I’m too lazy to do the work. They kept us in the gym like 15 minutes after the bell rung, but it was Friday so I was just happy it was finally the weekend.

– Ashundia Johnson