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AT&T Follows Verizon

AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) is the largest provider in the United States that provides voice, video, data, and Internet etc. AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephone and of fixed telephone in the United States and worldwide. This company was founded March 3, 1885; and is the 17th largest company in the world by market. Almost everyone have AT&T and some have no problem using it.
However, since Verizon decided to do something, AT&T decided to follow them and do the exact same thing which is changed its upgrade policy into 24 months instead of 20months. AT&T still offers an early upgrade incentive for people who are six months into their contracts. People with contracts that end next March will still be able to upgrade at the 20-month time, but for those whose contracts ends in March or later will be expected to the new policy. On June 9, 2013 AT&T had announced that they customer will have to wait 24 months to buy a new phone but they still is eligible to upgrade, something is better than nothing. Following Verizon’s footsteps is not a good because AT&T is taking it a little bit too far. If they start offering early upgrades to qualified customers, once their stock rooms begin filling up with unsold units then many people won’t have a problem with it. However, if the customers have to wait a whole 24 months, some might just find a new carrier to go with instead of waiting that long just to upgrade and it will also be cheaper. Some people think that since AT&T is changing their upgrade plan from 20 months to 24 months, they think it will be better to just get a no-contract phone instead of waiting an extra 4 months.


Professional Dancer

There are many steps a person must take in order to become a professional dancer. It takes lots and lots of practice and experience to become a successful artist. Its takes hard work and a lot of dedication; everything won’t always go your way in the dancing world either. There will be a lot of things you will not be able to control, and someone will always do something better than you, but you can’t give up. Being a professional dancer can take up a lot of your time, because you’ll need all the time you can to practice so every move will be perfect. There will always be people who won’t like you or the type of dancing you do but you can never allow anyone to bring you down.
In order to become a professional dancer, first you’ll need to get yourself in dancing school and take private lessons. You’ll also need some motivation so it can keep you going or find something that inspires you. Second, you have to stay healthy and make sure that your body is in good shape. You will also need to eat healthy food in order to give you a lot of energy. Professional dancers need to use their bodies to tell a story through various forms of dance including hiphop, ballet, jazz and modern dance, etc.You do not necessarily need a degree to become a dancer, but training is necessary. School can be beneficial for dancers for training purposes or to secure a degree that can help you pursue another career in the event that you do not become a professional dancer. If you are in high school then you should get in a lot of programs or clubs such as drama or music. Becoming a professional dancer is what I would like to do when I become older. I also experience a lot already by being on lots of dance teams such as Final Phaze, I also used to participate in cheerleading, and next year I hope to be in drama club and choreograph the spring musical.

Standard Of Beauty

In many Disney films, the creators make it seem like the attractive people are smarter and tend to live happier lives than unattractive people. According to Bazzini and her colleagues, “Moreover, physically attractive characters were more likely to achieve positive life outcomes at the film’s end, and were more likely to be romantically involved.” In animated movies, attractive characters have higher intelligence and are more likely to achieve a lot of things. One example of this is in Beauty and the Beast, in which Belle is a typical girl who is skinny, loves to read, and is independent and respectful. While the beast is mean, abusive, ugly and disrespectful. This is not good because some kids will think that they are better than other people and will achieve more things and probably think that they are smarter and prettier.
We all have a different type of beauty and what we think beauty is. In today’s society, the majority of boys think that beautiful is an independent woman, no makeup, no weave and someone who is respectful, kind and patient. However, to other boys beautiful is a “thick girl” who has a curvy body, or a skinny girl who wears tight clothes, etc. Nowadays guys go for the wrong things; they choose trashy women who have kids and no job instead of beautiful independent women. Many girls try their best to meet the standards of what other guys want, but should know that regardless of what other people think, they are already beautiful. Many women will go all out just to impress one guy. They will bleach their skin, put on a lot of makeup, and wear tight clothes that show a lot of cleavage because they think that all of these are what a guy thinks is beautiful. If a girl was sitting in front of me right now and wanted to change herself for a man, I would tell her that he is not the right one for her if she feels she needs to change herself just to impress him.

Centra Cobb


The movie Temptations by Tyler Perry was a big hit when it came out on March 29, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. The weekend it first came out, this movie made $21,641,679. Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Judith), Lance Gross (Brice), Robbie Jones (Harley) were the three main actors in the movie. This movie was also given the Golden Trailer award to recognize outstanding achievements. This movie was rated ‘R’ because it contains violence, sexuality and drug content.
In my opinion, this was the best movie Tyler Perry has ever made. Yes, I’ve seen all his movies, and this is by far the best I’ve seen. The movie tells a story about how a beautiful young lady had an affair with a handsome man who treated her right and bought her everything she wanted, but he completely changed her whole life by giving her HIV. Her name was Judith in the movie, and she was married to a man named Brice. They had been together since they were teenagers. However, she cheated on him with Harley who gave her everything she wanted which Brice couldn’t do, which was buy her things, and take her to an expensive restaurant; he also remembered her birthday which Brice didn’t.
In the beginning of the movie, I believe it could have been a little more interesting because it was sort of boring in a way, which made me want to go to sleep because it really didn’t have any type of action. In fact, there were times during the beginning when I considered falling asleep. Toward the end of the movie, I was jumping out of my seat, and I realized that this is the type of movie a person could watch over and over without ever growing tired! Most of the actors played their roles very well. I particularly loved the role played by Kim Kardashian. Tyler Perry chose the perfect role for her, because she got to act boogie. Her acting was neither good nor bad, but she tried her best. This movie was way different from his other movies. It really showed what Tyler Perry is capable of creating.

Centra Cobb

Chicago Violence

Many people are dying in Chicago due to the violence in the city and many of them are teens dying. More than 42 teens died this year due to violence, and many of them were between the ages 13-18. The violence in Chicago is getting out of control.

Many innocent people are dying due to gang violence and gun violence. Many families are losing someone every day and it’s heartbreaking. In Chicago today even walking to the store is dangerous, because you might not make it back alive. It’s sad to know that Chicago has the highest death rate due to violence. Chicago has a lot of gangs, and that is one major problem that contributes to the death rate. Many gang-related deaths are caused when people are shooting at the wrong person and killing them. Just in 2013 a 15-year-old girl named Hadiya Pendleton was shot dead. She had just attended president Obama’s inauguration (one of the happiest days of her young life), and was gone just a few days later. Hadiya really opened up our eyes, because you can go to an event with the president and even that doesn’t keep you safe.
The gun violence in Chicago is really getting out of hand. Too many people are dying, and there needs to be a stop to it. In the blink of an eye, your life can be over just like that. We need to address the problem as citizens, and even our president is not doing anything about it because his main focus is on gun violence. While he’s giving speeches and holding meetings about it, people and teens are getting killed by the minute. We are doing so much to decrease the violence In Chicago, but it seems like it’s not working because many people are still getting badly injured or killed. However, we must not give up until all violence stops.
Centra Cobb

The Purest Of Green

Have you ever noticed that the Chicago River is green in March? They dye the water green every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Stephen M. Bailey, the person who created the idea of the river being green, has always been helped by a special little leprechaun who is useful in March. The Chicago River turning green symbolizes the Irish culture. It helps celebrate the Irish people. This has been a tradition for over 40 years.
Many other cities have tried to copy the idea of The Chicago River being green, but The Chicago River has that perfect shade of Irish green unlike the other cities, whose green never turns out the right color. Many people wonder how the water turns back to its natural shade of color, well the actually truth is that the green dye absorbs in the water like sugar does in water. The dye in the water lasts for about 5 to 7 hours which gives people plenty of time to go see The Chicago River. Mike Butler and the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers have been in charge of dying the water green each year for St. Patrick’s Day.
There’s a certain time each year in March, in the morning, where you can go see them dye the water green. If you actually look closely as they dye the water, you’ll see that the dye at first is actually orange. It takes a few minutes for the dye to get to its right color. That’s why early in the morning they start to dye the river green. Mike Butler and the Chicago Journeymen Plumber use 40 pounds of vegetable dye. They really don’t dye the whole river green because that will just take up to much time to do it. They simply dye one side of the river green each year, this year they dyed the east of the bridge. If you ever want to go see The Chicago River, you can always go view it each year in March. Go to to find information on where and when you can go view.