Math In The Real World

Some believe math is only a subject in school and you will never need it in the real world. There are actually many occupations and careers in which you will have to apply math. Whether you know it or not you, use math every day in simple things you do. For example, going to the store and buying junk food requires the use of math skills, like simple addition and subtraction.
When you buy your first car, you have to use basic math principles like adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplication. For some other careers, you have to be very well-educated in math. One example of this is becoming a doctor .When you are a surgeon, you have to measure how far you cut someone. When you’re a doctor who distributes medication, you have to measure the amount of drugs or medicine you give them.

If you wanted to be an architecture, you will need to plan what you need to do, and you will have to apply math when you’re building the buildings For example, you need to measure how tall the building is going to be and how much material you will need. If you wanted to be an accountant, you’ll definitely need math because you’re dealing with money, in fact you, are dealing with other people’s money. When you are giving and taking money, you have to exact or at least accurate enough.

You use math in little things from measuring flour to bake a cake, to measuring how much anesthesia you give someone when you are doctor. When you’re traveling, you need to know how far you are traveling in miles or you’re going to get lost. If you really think about it, you use math in everything you do. As you can see math is a very valuable subject to learn.

katlin Trapp


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