The Purest Of Green

Have you ever noticed that the Chicago River is green in March? They dye the water green every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Stephen M. Bailey, the person who created the idea of the river being green, has always been helped by a special little leprechaun who is useful in March. The Chicago River turning green symbolizes the Irish culture. It helps celebrate the Irish people. This has been a tradition for over 40 years.
Many other cities have tried to copy the idea of The Chicago River being green, but The Chicago River has that perfect shade of Irish green unlike the other cities, whose green never turns out the right color. Many people wonder how the water turns back to its natural shade of color, well the actually truth is that the green dye absorbs in the water like sugar does in water. The dye in the water lasts for about 5 to 7 hours which gives people plenty of time to go see The Chicago River. Mike Butler and the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers have been in charge of dying the water green each year for St. Patrick’s Day.
There’s a certain time each year in March, in the morning, where you can go see them dye the water green. If you actually look closely as they dye the water, you’ll see that the dye at first is actually orange. It takes a few minutes for the dye to get to its right color. That’s why early in the morning they start to dye the river green. Mike Butler and the Chicago Journeymen Plumber use 40 pounds of vegetable dye. They really don’t dye the whole river green because that will just take up to much time to do it. They simply dye one side of the river green each year, this year they dyed the east of the bridge. If you ever want to go see The Chicago River, you can always go view it each year in March. Go to to find information on where and when you can go view.


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  1. 5 to 7 hours interesting and still awesome

  2. Lashanda Harris

    wow.! i never knew that this has been a tradition for 40years. interesing

  3. I’ve always wondered how they got the river green and got it back to normal, this was really useful.

  4. Cool! They should dye the river to match the colors of ALL the holidays! 😀

  5. I think you should have put your details after you asked “Have you ever noticed the river etc”. Work on having your details in order instead of mixing them around. Other that that its an good artice

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