Battery Life

So, class has just begun and you have a substitute instead of your “lovable–” teacher. You get bored quickly with staring out the window, you pull out your phone (unaware that the battery is about to conk out) grab your ear phones and go to Netflix. Zort! Phone cuts off, even worse you got caught! Phone gets taken away, and now you’re pissed.
The most said things from all cellphone users is the battery never seems to last as long as promised. Just when you need to send that email or make that call, you get an annoying low battery warning. If you don’t want to give in to walking around with an adapter and look for an outlet to recharge, try some of these tips to make your phone’s battery life and fight back the causes of cell phone power loss.
 Step 1:  a simple step to follow ~ Turn off the phone! This will be an excellent way to keep that battery life. Why? This will keep power and at the same time charge your phone. Do this also in a place with no signal, like school. Constantly looking for a signal will drain your battery like nobody’s business. Some phones come with a power save feature but it takes a while to kick in. By the time its finish a lot powers been used.
 Step 2: stop searching for a signal! When you’re in an area with poor or no signal, again school, your phone will keep trying to find a better one.
 Step 3:  the way of full charge and no charge. Don’t put the phone on charge if it still has a few hours of power, only in an emergency. Charge it when it is completely dead and when charging it don’t mess with it.
 Step 4:  turn off the vibrate function on the phone. The vibrate function uses more power than your ring tone. Just make sure that the volume is as low as possible.
 Step 5: don’t use anything not worth using. If it will be a while before the next charge, don’t take pictures or connect to the internet. It will drain your battery real fast.
 Step 6:  three words, Keep Calls Short!
 Step 7: Use GSM rather than 3G, 3G will burn that battery faster than standard GSM. If you’re able to read your phone’s stats then you’ll see GSM mode has 50% more battery life than 3G.
 Step 8: Keep the battery cold. Any extra batteries not in use keep it in the fridge and it will last longer. Your body heat can affect it as well. If it’s not being used then place it somewhere cool, it’s over worked, it needs a break.

– Robert Cooks


Posted on March 7, 2013, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. This is something new, I never knew that it is possible when my phone vibrates , that it uses more power than a ring tone.

  2. this was a really good article i didnt know if you put your battery in the freezer if helps the battery life,

  3. Good job robert and really creative tips

  4. This helps me alot because I didnt know that you can drain your battery by looking for a signal

  5. This is awesome who knew you could drain your battery by looking for sifnal or while on vibrate…. Awesome!

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