Where’s the Party At?

What is a kickback? A kickback is a laid back get together with a couple of close friends, more than a gathering less than a party. At kickbacks you do party-like things such as drinking and excessive dancing.
Aside from school, parties and kickbacks are like a must have. Social media is a good way to advertise the next event, especially Facebook. They’re always posting up when and where the next party is. The number one thing you have to focus on when going to a party or kickback is how you look, and whose going to be there. You have to be on point with your clothes, and you want to know whose going because you don’t want to be around someone you don’t like, it might cause some tension and it might be a problem.

Kids love kickbacks and parties because they are very social events. If you are anti-social, the parties are not for you. Parties and kickbacks are like a meeting ground and just a free spirited atmosphere. You can mingle, make new friends, and dance till your weave get stiff like a board. You can meet potential boyfriends/girlfriends, or best friends. Although kids believe parties are the best way to have fun, some parents believe otherwise. Some parents may believe that their child is too young to go to parties. Especially girls, they parents might be scared that will juke too hard and get pregnant, joking. At the end of the day, whether your parents approve or not, kids nowadays will do what they want regardless.

Freedom and fun are so important to a teenager. Being able to do things for yourself is great, feeling that sense of independence for 5 hours, is the best feeling in the world. Parties/kickbacks are part of that equation because you choose what you wear, how your hair looks, going out and doing you. To be honest parties today are just like being in a club.

All the hard work you do at school and home, it gets to you, sometimes kids just have to get out and have fun doing something they like, such as kicking it with friends. All you have to do as a teen is get an education, work hard, and listen to your parents, then you can partyyyyyy like no tomorrow, just like you like it.

Katlin Trapp


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  1. LOL juke too hard hillarious

  2. lol “till your weave get stiff” !!!!!

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