Irish Born Boston Celtics


Jamal Carr

Everyone knows the Boston Celtics wear the color Green and their mascot is a Leprechaun, but should the Celtics be known as a lucky team? In the history of the Boston Celtics there has never been a lucky game or incident that anyone could remember. Many people wonder why the Celtics wear shamrocks on their green uniforms and have a giant leprechaun smoking a cigar as their team logo.  And why is the team mascot a guy named Lucky who looks like he stepped out of a box of Lucky Charms.

Some say they should continue with their colors, but shouldn’t be known as the “The Lucky Ones.” For an era of time the Boston Celtics have kept their name that was given to them by Walter Brown in 1946, who one day thought about a team in New York that used the name “Celtics”, and thought “since we have so much Irish born people in Boston why not have this name also.” says Red Auerbach, the now legendary coach of the early Celtics, then was a role model to his brother Zang, a graphic designer in the newspaper business to come up with the famous Celtics logo in the early 1950s.  The logo includes all of the traits of the Irish in America in the 1950s: The Logo is a leprechaun covered in shamrock clothing and a bowler hat, smoking a pipe, holding a shillelagh, and making a mischievous grin. The logo is said to have brought the Celtics good luck, since they won their first championship in 1957, so it has remained.

Fans of the Boston Celtics also wonder why they have never witnessed a lucky incident or moment, but it could also mean the Celtics are so good that they don’t need any luck to help them prevail in the league. With luck being a good or bad thing, maybe the Celtics have only slim bad luck through their losses at recent championships.


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  1. Anthony Williams

    GO CELTICS! -_-

  2. Great Article Overall. Good choice of words and examples.

  3. Lashanda Harris

    wow i never noticed they had a Leprechaun for their team logo.

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