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Voting For a Reason Jamal CarrHave you ever

Voting For a Reason

Jamal Carr

Have you ever been mad that someone or something was chosen, and you totally disagree with the choice? What about voting that you may think is rigged and don’t want to participate in. Or a number of votes that gave your city the perfect mayor. Well that’s why you and everyone else in the world should vote. It is O.K. for everyone to have a chance at voting, because you want to give your own opinion about the subject. Voting is also important because you are letting others know how you feel about the topic and why you think it is the right pick.

For an example, millions of people in the U.S every 4 years vote for a new president that will be leading them for the next 4 years. So with that being said you want to vote for someone who you think is a perfect role model that you can put your trust into who will keep your country in order and not in a chaotic way.                                                                            

For people who don’t believe in voting, I think you should vote because at times you criticize people who may have picked a wrong decision, and since you’re tired of it how about you put your two cents in and vote for what you believe in. Don’t always instantly judge a person on what they feel to believe because everyone in the world has a mind to be able say what they want to say.

Voting in general isn’t hard and you could never be wrong about your choice because it’s your opinion on what you think is right. Voting is done all over the world in different countries in numerous ways. But voting is an easy way to settle judgment on a topic.


Bulls Bring the Horns to the Nets Jamal

Bulls Bring the Horns to the Nets

Jamal Carr

April 27, 2013: mark this day as one of the NBA’s best playoff games in history. The Chicago Bulls played against the Brooklyn Nets in Game 4 of the first round of the Eastern Conference. Without superstar MVP Derrick Rose, the Bulls are trying to prove a point of making it far in the playoffs without him and proving that they are a dominant team in the east. Also, the newly named team, The Brooklyn Nets, is making a return to the playoffs with guards Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Both of these teams are looking to make their cities proud of them. The Chicago Bulls after being down by 14 points in the 4th quarter, made a comeback with the smallest person on the team, Nate Robison. This was his best career playoff game scoring 29 points, and it was a surprise to everyone. Robinson got hot, the Bulls’ defense tightened, the Nets were playing bad defense, and  Noah tipped Luol Deng’s miss with 23.9 seconds left in regulation to tie it before Butler’s critical block. In the first overtime, Robinson banked home a ridiculously difficult 23-foot runner over Deron Williams with one foot on the 3-point line with 2 seconds remaining.

Then, Joe Johnson proved himself again he was there to be Mr. Clutch to hit a buzzer beating floating similar to Nate Robison’s in return too. In the second overtime Joe Johnson’s three-point play and Lopez hitting two free throws with 48.7 seconds left got rid of the Bulls’ four-point lead. Robinson fouled out, and then Luol Deng and Joe Johnson traded misses. Then Lopez blocked Noah on a broken play with 1.9 seconds left to send the game to a final overtime.

Finally, the Bulls broke free in the third overtime period with the game almost lasting 4 hours long. Noah sank a jumper before fouling out and Butler overpowered Williams for an offensive rebound and layup Gibson swished a baseline jumper for a five-point lead.  Nazr Mohammed delivered his late-game contributions as being a veteran to the team giving the Bulls good baskets. The Chicago Bulls prevailed with the series being 3-2 now, awaiting game 7 to finish off the series. Now the Bulls have achieved an even greater feat than beating the Nets. Recently, in Game 1 of the Eastern Semi- Conference Finals the Chicago Bulls defeated the Miami Heat. Bulls look to continue ending any streak against the Heat and messing up their plans.

I’m Bringing My Plate to Chicago

I’m Bringing My Plate to Chicago

Jamal Carr

Chicago, one of America’s most beautiful cities, is home to the great Willis Tower, the United Center, and the Water Tower. These are some of the most greatest feats and attractions Chicago has. But tourists and families also come here to taste some of our Chicago styled food. People love to go and experience new food to go try in different places of the world. It is also just a fun thing to do because you also can look and enjoy cities and countries different from where you.

The Chicago Hot Dog is one of Chicago’s popular foods because of it not containing Ketchup, some people don’t know why but what do you get when combine an all-beef hot dog, yellow mustard, bright green relish, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, hot peppers, celery salt, and a poppy seed bun. A Chicago-style hot dog ready to be eaten with a side of French fries. And to hear most Chicagoans describe it, the Chicago-style hot dog is a little slice of heaven. You don’t have to eat your hot dogs that way in Chicago, but you’d better never put ketchup on one. Ketchup is for kids and French fries they say.

Deep Dish Pizza

Many New York pizza traditionalists wouldn’t even want to hear about Chicago’s deep-dish pizza at all. Because there is still some debate who started it first. Once you’ve tasted the thick layers of cheese, sauce, tomatoes, and other toppings (particularly sausage), you’ll wonder what else to call it. A Chicago pie is baked in a deep pan and is usually 2 to 3 inches thick, making it very different from its more famous thin-crusted, New York cousin. A knife and fork are required tools for downing a slice of deep-dish. There’s no folding here.

Italian Beef

Kind of like Chicago’s answer to the French dip or Philly cheese steak, an Italian beef sandwich is made up of thin strips of seasoned roast beef, flavorful meat drippings, and a long Italian-style roll. The sandwiches are served either with sautéed bell peppers or giardiniera, a spicy combination of pickled vegetables. They’ve been serving these spicy beauties in Chicago since the 1920s. Stop in at Al’s Beef to taste the original.

Irish Born Boston Celtics


Jamal Carr

Everyone knows the Boston Celtics wear the color Green and their mascot is a Leprechaun, but should the Celtics be known as a lucky team? In the history of the Boston Celtics there has never been a lucky game or incident that anyone could remember. Many people wonder why the Celtics wear shamrocks on their green uniforms and have a giant leprechaun smoking a cigar as their team logo.  And why is the team mascot a guy named Lucky who looks like he stepped out of a box of Lucky Charms.

Some say they should continue with their colors, but shouldn’t be known as the “The Lucky Ones.” For an era of time the Boston Celtics have kept their name that was given to them by Walter Brown in 1946, who one day thought about a team in New York that used the name “Celtics”, and thought “since we have so much Irish born people in Boston why not have this name also.” says Red Auerbach, the now legendary coach of the early Celtics, then was a role model to his brother Zang, a graphic designer in the newspaper business to come up with the famous Celtics logo in the early 1950s.  The logo includes all of the traits of the Irish in America in the 1950s: The Logo is a leprechaun covered in shamrock clothing and a bowler hat, smoking a pipe, holding a shillelagh, and making a mischievous grin. The logo is said to have brought the Celtics good luck, since they won their first championship in 1957, so it has remained.

Fans of the Boston Celtics also wonder why they have never witnessed a lucky incident or moment, but it could also mean the Celtics are so good that they don’t need any luck to help them prevail in the league. With luck being a good or bad thing, maybe the Celtics have only slim bad luck through their losses at recent championships.

Can Duke Spook Teams in the NCAA Tournament?

Mike Krzyzewski and The Duke Blue Devils (3rd seed) are awaiting their journey to the NCAA tournament. With conference tournaments just two weeks away, the end of the regular season is quickly approaching. They have a lot of people looking at them to see what they are capable of doing this season.

USA Today writes “Duke Blue Devils are a top 3 team in the March Madness Bracket Predictions with an overall of 24-3 record and they are 10-4 in their conference. The Blue Devils are ranked No.6 in the AP Poll and in the USA Today Coaches Poll. Duke is 106-29 all-time when ranked No.6 in the AP Poll. The Blue Devils have been ranked in the AP Top 10 for 109 consecutive weeks. Duke has been ranked in the Top 5 for 13 straight weeks prior to this week’s No.6 ranking.”

The team’s star big man, Ryan Kelly’s importance to Duke cannot be left out of the above equation. Kelly has been on the bench watching with a foot injury knowing deep down what’s coming ahead next month, and since then the team has lost three times without him showing how dominant this team can be with him. After going 15-0 to start the season, the Blue Devils lost their first game without Kelly, and it made fans a little nervous about what this means for the following games. I guess it means someone has to step their game up and star seniors Seth Curry and Mason Plumlee have been the chosen ones to do so. These two have been holding the team up the best they can by averaging 34.6 points per game; they are the team’s leading scorers and will continue to lead their team entering March Madness with a chance to win NCAA Championship.

Mike Krzyzewski, being one of the best college basketball coaches there is, has a game plan for March Madness. His great resume and outstanding achievements prove that he knows his basketball. For some, turning down a 5-year 40 million dollar contract offered by the Los Angeles Lakers so he could stay at Duke, shows how much he is committed to the Duke organization and he loves it there. It also shows he wants to make the Duke Blue Devils a force to be reckoned within the next decade.

Basketball fans and alumni of Duke University support your team in doing the best they are capable of and hope they go after that National Championship waiting for them.

– Jamal Carr

Rose Reviving His Thorns

2010-11 MVP and three-time All-Star Derrick Rose’s return may not be returning as quickly as we all thought. After all, he’s been patient since the devastating April 28 injury. Rose’s return from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee has been making all Bulls fan anxious and worried about when his return is set to be made. After all of the rumors going on about his return after the all-star break, the truth is here. Even though Rose is practicing and traveling with the team, there is no specific target date, and D-Rose is o.k. with it. Rose told USA Today that “There is no specific day of me returning until I’m 110% ready.” And Rose himself said he is “Far Far Away and maybe he is about 80 right now.”
This is big news for Bulls fans and certainly not something that they want to hear as the postseason quickly approaches. Rose isn’t sure that his body will heal in time to play this season and that could seriously determine how well this team can compete in the postseason. Bulls fans still need to keep Rose in their mind and hearts as they were doing, because just because he isn’t coming back earlier doesn’t mean he won’t come back. The team is 30-22 without him this season and at times has looked really dominant without him. Everyone in Chicago is waiting for their savior to return to bring the Bulls back as the top dogs in the EAST.
Derrick Rose is one of the best elite guards the league has ever had. The Bulls organization was blessed to have a person with so much love for the game itself and the fans, and doesn’t want anything more than just to win to make his hometown proud. This is why kids and fans of Derrick Rose care so much about him, he possesses so much positive energy to all the fans across the world and he is a leader among them. “Rose going through his torn ACL Rehab is killing him so much deep down, that it is stopping him from playing the game he loves” Bulls teammates said.
Everyone continues to wish D-Rose the best of luck because he will come back even better than expected. ACL injuries are the toughest of them all to come back in sports history. And everyone across the league wishes it can end forever. (Derrick Rose, Ricky Rubio, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Rush, and Lou Williams)

– Jamal Carr