Sugar Rush

How much caffeine does a person need a day? Do I always need to have caffeine in me? What would happen if just stopped drinking caffeine? First, let’s see what it can be found in. Caffeine can be found in our food, drinks, snacks, and medicine. Like coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, medical shots, and tea.
It has many effects on the body and can make you more alert and give you a boost in energy. However, if you eat, or drink too much caffeine, then you will start to feel restless, anxious, and irritable. This helpful info came from,, and Secondly, it may also keep you from sleeping well and give you headaches, abnormal heart rhythms, or other problems. If you try to stop using caffeine, then you will go into withdrawal. You can kind of see how it would play out if you did stop using caffeine.
First day everything’s good, you just stop using caffeine, you aren’t going to feel anything just yet. Three days later, you start to develop headaches and feel tired more often than usual. You start to fall asleep while in class, in the office, or worst case scenario, while you are driving. I don’t think caffeine can be that dangerous. The only time caffeine can be dangerous is when you take too much of it. What I learned from,, caffeine’s lethal doses for an adult it is estimated to be 13-19 grams.
Who would, in their right mind, drink so much caffeine (in this case coffee) that it would make them have hallucinations?


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