Student Safety Quiz At South Shore

Student Safety Quiz at South Shore

  1. What do you do when a fire alarm goes off?
    1. Run out of the building in an overcrowded, unorganized way.
    2. Wait for instruction from your teacher.
    3. Don’t pay it any attention and stay seated in your class.
    4. Play around.
  2. What do you do if you see someone getting bullied?
    1. Join in on the bullying.
    2. Find a responsible adult and tell them what have seen.
    3. Try to do something about it.
    4. D.  Watch someone being bullied.
  3. If someone is following you that you are not familiar with, do you
    1. Get away as quickly as possible.
    2. Tell an adult.
    3. Go to the follower.
    4. run.
  4. What if you see someone bring a deadly weapon into the school? What do you do
    1. Tell a responsible adult what you have seen.
    2. Don’t worry about because you think they are not going to do anything.
    3. Ask them can you see it.
    4. Tell them they need to leave.
  5. If you see a student with drugs in the school, what do you do
    1. Join them.
    2. Tell them that it’s illegal for them to have drugs.
    3. Tell an adult.
    4. Ask them can you see it.


  1. What do you if you are failing a class(s)?
    1. Do everything possible to bring your grade up.
    2. Just do nothing and fail.
    3. Talk to counselor to see different ways you could bring your grade up.
    4. Cheat and change your grade.
  2. What do you do if you see a teacher doing something they are not supposed to do or it’s illegal to do?
    1. Tell the principle what you seen.
    2. Don’t worry and keep it to yourself.
    3. Tell a friend.
    4. Ask them can you join them.
  3. What do you do if you are getting bullied?
    1. Tell an adult what is going on?
    2. Do something about it?
    3. Keep getting bullied?
    4. Fight the bully.

1)      A(8),B(2),C(6),D(4)

2)      A(8),B(2),C(4),D(6)

3)      A(2),B(2),C(6),D(8)

4)      A(2),B(8),C(6),D(4)

5)      A(8),B(4),C(2),D(6)

6)      A(2),B(8),C(4),D(6)

7)      A(2),B(4),C(6),D(8)

8)      A(4),B(2),C(8),D(6)




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