God don’t Like Ugly: Blasphemy

Why is blasphemy so important to some and others just doing it blandly? What is blasphemy, you ask? Blasphemy is the act of insulting or showing lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence towards religious or holy people or things.

In America a lot of people use “blasphemy” every day. Although there is freedom of speech sometimes people tend to use curse, insults, and vulgar language so freely. People fail to realize that cursing has consequences and it is also very disrespectful to some people. In some countries state religions blasphemy is banned under the criminal code.

In Muslim religion, the penalties for blasphemy can vary from fines, imprisonment, flogging, amputation, hanging, or beheading. Judaist believes when a person uses blasphemy then they should be get the death penalty. According to biblegateway.com, Christians believe that blasphemy is an unforgivable sin.

On the other hand according to zendirt.com, blasphemy is just a replacement or a shadow of our feelings and experiences. According to shankaranarayanan.com Blasphemy is a way of life. Blasphemy is a way to tell a big truth.

Although you may not realize that you’re speaking against the lord, you have done it. Advice, don’t say something or do something you might regret, and remember GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY.


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