Stress Reliever

Teens today face a lot! There’s a lot we have to deal with. Me personally, I feel like I go through a lot at home and at school. Finding a balance is no easy task. At school, I have to deal with teachers having bad days. I mean I understand bad days, but students aren’t allowed to have them. Are we? Today in class I was asked to take notes, and when the teacher called on me to read I said, “Just a second,” and was given a zero because I was not ready to read. It wasn’t that I was unwilling I was about to do it.
With the way teachers are and how school is set up I think it just puts more stress on students. With that “F” hanging over my head, I still have to go home and deal with how my grandma is going to react to it! Here comes more stress for me. Now if my grandma sees my grades and doesn’t know the reason behind them, she’s going to be upset. Who wants to deal with that? Not me! I just wish life was easier sometimes. I wish people would be more understanding of me. Is that to much too ask for?
The stress of school adds more stress at home. This is not how I expected my life to be! After my mother passed away in October, on top of me slacking off in school, I have a lot to deal with. I felt like my life was all messed up. I’ve been trying to get through everything, but sometimes it’s really hard to deal with. All this made me realize that life is short and you have to make the best of it. Hopefully, in the future things will be better for me, but for now I just have to wait and see.
-To be continued…

A. Lewis


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  1. I understand how you feel. Really good for a second stress reliever article!

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