I’m Bringing My Plate to Chicago

I’m Bringing My Plate to Chicago

Jamal Carr

Chicago, one of America’s most beautiful cities, is home to the great Willis Tower, the United Center, and the Water Tower. These are some of the most greatest feats and attractions Chicago has. But tourists and families also come here to taste some of our Chicago styled food. People love to go and experience new food to go try in different places of the world. It is also just a fun thing to do because you also can look and enjoy cities and countries different from where you.

The Chicago Hot Dog is one of Chicago’s popular foods because of it not containing Ketchup, some people don’t know why but what do you get when combine an all-beef hot dog, yellow mustard, bright green relish, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, hot peppers, celery salt, and a poppy seed bun. A Chicago-style hot dog ready to be eaten with a side of French fries. And to hear most Chicagoans describe it, the Chicago-style hot dog is a little slice of heaven. You don’t have to eat your hot dogs that way in Chicago, but you’d better never put ketchup on one. Ketchup is for kids and French fries they say.

Deep Dish Pizza

Many New York pizza traditionalists wouldn’t even want to hear about Chicago’s deep-dish pizza at all. Because there is still some debate who started it first. Once you’ve tasted the thick layers of cheese, sauce, tomatoes, and other toppings (particularly sausage), you’ll wonder what else to call it. A Chicago pie is baked in a deep pan and is usually 2 to 3 inches thick, making it very different from its more famous thin-crusted, New York cousin. A knife and fork are required tools for downing a slice of deep-dish. There’s no folding here.

Italian Beef

Kind of like Chicago’s answer to the French dip or Philly cheese steak, an Italian beef sandwich is made up of thin strips of seasoned roast beef, flavorful meat drippings, and a long Italian-style roll. The sandwiches are served either with sautéed bell peppers or giardiniera, a spicy combination of pickled vegetables. They’ve been serving these spicy beauties in Chicago since the 1920s. Stop in at Al’s Beef to taste the original.


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  1. i like philly cheese steak

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