School focus and resolve

How to be successful in School

By: Engel Williams

                        Ever felt you weren’t getting all you want out of the educational system? Want to learn more and actually feel dedicated to school? These are simple steps to make your final days of school satisfying:

  1. 1.      Focus– You may hear this a lot, and more than in one place, but focusing is possible and really easy to achieve. For some more effective than others and can be done with ease; however you must do multiple steps and procedures before you can really concentrate.
  • Distractions- They are one of the many causes of someone getting off topic, they come in many forms. They will pull your interest to something else irrelevant and will waist time. Try to eliminate all the technology and gadgets from the room, with the exception of an mp3 player or music player to liven the mood of the room.
  • Freedom- Often people feel homework or classwork takes away from your free will or time but that will help you in the long run. Just try to visualize your future and every consequence possible. That may make the ability of making decisions easier and available in the future.
  • Attitude adjustment- when you hear the words grow up, it may feel offensive but try to take the time and look inside yourself and think am I right. Don’t take it as people trying to hurt you but, people looking out for your best efforts, and its ok to be goofy or act out sometime but don’t make it apart of your personality.
  1. 2.      Progress- You may feel you’re stuck in a big hole and can’t dig yourself out. Just try to remember there are people who love you believe it or not and they will give you any assistance necessary to help you achieve your goals.
  • Open Up- There is a line teenagers make to separate themselves and others, they are most vulnerable at this time of their lives; any abuse would automatically make things worse. So teens should be set in a safe and acceptable environment (Ex. School, Home, Friends etc.) so they can try to open up to officials for any type of help.
  • Acceptance- In most schools the “bad” kids are set out from “good” kids there is such thing as “bad” however “good” is not even applied to people no one is “good”, however there is well trained, spoiled, or well taken care of, or prodigies. May be just maybe if you take away a little of the given adoration for the prodigies and give some of it to the, abused, mistreated and corrupt offspring, it may give their life some value, and you will see value.
  1. 3.      Achievement’s- Like many you want to feel proud and look forward to making a change, however they can also block your progress in school.
  • Envy or Jealousy- Someone over does or pushes your achievement’s to the side and you try to just let it pass but it’s something on your mind that makes you faun or despise the person or the work. Well that’s jealousy for you and you don’t realize you’re jealous until you are pressured, and things become a giant pretzel. Try to face this emotion yourself and get it off your chest and in order to do this try meditation and other relaxing methods to overcome your troubles and remember everyone is different and destined for different things.
  • Over thinking or doing- There is good but some try to rise beyond that and beyond. If you want good then try to the best of your ability, let’s be honest be yourself and do what you can do. People may accept what you may have to offer and you may blow their mind.       

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