It’s starting to heat up outside, and school is almost over. Even though I hate school, I think I’ll be able to go all the way to the end of the year without falling back into my old ways. There’s about five weeks of school left so I have to hustle to make sure my grades are right. My grades still suck from the quarter before, but they are improving. With mother’s day passing not to long ago, my mom has been on my mind a lot lately. Throughout that whole week she was on my mind I miss her so much but it was good to hear some of my family check up on me to see how I was feeling. I really appreciate knowing that they care. Also I’ve been doing well in night school, which is almost over. I’ll be so happy when school is over and I can finally relax and enjoy my time. With all the killings happening my family and friends are looking out for making sure I’m safe. Lately all I been doing is finishing up school and buying shoes. Since I messed up earlier in the year it seems like I’m going to be spending some of summer getting my academics together. I’m ok with that because I know school comes first but I still want to get my shoes. Hopefully after summer school I still have some time to enjoy my summer. I don’t see summer school as ruining my summer, so I can deal with it. I still have anxiety over my mom but I kind of learned to deal with it. Life hasn’t been the easiest for me but no one ever said life was easy. You just have to take it day by day. At this point that’s the only thing I can do.


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