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Religious Relationships

Dear Loreal,

     My name is Chairon and I am currently dating a boy who is a Muslim. My parents think that it’s not a good idea because my family and I are Christians, but he and I really like each other. We seem to be having problems.  In my religion, women submit to men, but in his religion it seems women don’t have a voice.  He wants me to change my religion and he doesn’t like me eating a lot of pork. This religion seems to be a big breaking point in our relationship; what should I do about this??

Dear Chairon,

If your parents do not think that it’s a good idea to date someone outside of your religion and you really like him then let your parents know how you feel and why you really like him to try and convince them to think that its ok to date him.

However, changing your religion for your boyfriend is not a good idea. Both of you believe in different things and I understand that he wants you to change your religion to make things work out better, but things can still work out the way it already is if you both support each other.

Muslims believe that God is eternal; they also believe that Islam is the complete and universal version of primordial faith. As a Christian you believe that Jesus is the son of God and refer to Jesus as Christ of Messiah. By being different religions you both have to support each other in order to make your relationship work and if this is too much to handle in your religious relationship, then the best thing is to move on. You have a lot to learn in this life.


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…Quiz

Tired of suspecting if your boyfriend is not the right one for you?? Here’s a quick easy quiz to determine if so.

1. When you’re talking to your boyfriend, he is…
a. Texting on his phone
b. Totally consumed by the game
c. Decides to get up and walk away
d. Giving you eye contact

2. When your boyfriend comes to pick you up for a date. He…
a. Opens the door for you
b. Unlocks the door for you to get in
c. Honks when he is outside
d. Calls when he is in the front

3. When your boyfriend takes you out to eat. He…
a. Expects for you to pay
b. Is Eating sloppy
c. Is Laughing really loud
d. Is enjoying the date

4. When you call your boyfriend, he is…
a. Rushing to get off the phone
b. Says he’ll call back later
c. Not answering
d. Wants to talk
e. Having a great conversation

5. Your boyfriend…
a. Is very supportive of what you do
b. Encourages you to try new things
c. Accuses you of flirting or cheating
d. Has mood swings

6. When you want to do something special. He…
a. Would rather be with his friends
b. Is not in the mood
c. Loves to go
d. Take over your plans

7. How would you describe your boyfriend? He is…
a. Lazy
b. Patient
c. Boring
d. Outgoing

8. Your boyfriend thinks that you are…
a. Trustworthy
b. Cheating
c. Adventurous
d. Beautiful

Your boyfriend doesn’t love you 50-64:
Your boyfriend doesn’t love you. He’s obviously sending red flags that scream “If you let me walk all over you, I will!” If he loves you he will encourage you and make you feel great about yourself.

Keep an eye on him 35-49:
You may think your boyfriend loves you but you just might want to keep an eye on him just to be cautious. He’s not perfect, and no guy is, but he’s doing things that can rock this boat, either way!

Your boyfriend is the one 26 – 34:
If your boyfriend is the one then you should feel that way instead of thinking it. He’s showing you just enough of himself and enough love. Now the question is, are you doing the same?

Your boyfriend is “whipped” 12-25:
It’s always okay for you boyfriend to be in love, but is it too much gooey love is unrealistic in long lasting relationships.  If he’s this perfect, there’s no way he is being himself, which means one of two things: He will get tired of the charade and leave breaking your heart OR he will get tired of the charade and cheat. Tell him wiggle room is necessary!

1. A (4) B (6) C (8) D (2)
2. A (2) B (4) C (8) D (6)
3. A (8) B (6) C (4) D (2)
4. A (6) B (4) C (8) D (2) E(0)
5. A (2) B (4) C (8) D (6)
6. A (6) B (8) C (2) D (4)
7. A (8) B (2) C (6) D (4)
8. A (2) B (8) C (6) D (4)

– Loreal Webb