My Week in School…

Monday was actually pretty decent, aside from geometry which is one of my least favorite classes. It’s like I hear the teacher when he talks, but I don’t hear his point. Anyway, my driver’s teachers told us we did not have to have a 75% in the class to take the exam. This made me happy the rest of the day.
As for Tuesday, it was dry; I had to take a test in almost every class. I also found out I passed all my final exams, like I knew I would. Spanish was hilarious; there are some people in there that clown so much. Our teacher makes us act out things in Spanish, and it never works out the way we plan to, well at least not for me.
Wednesday sucked, I usually dress in uniform, but I’m always late so I assume that I never even get counted. I also took my Driver’s Ed exam; all my friends took theirs before me. They kept telling me it was easy, but some questions were confusing, they were kind of right.

As for Thursday, I sort of got involved with drama that’s not mine. It was my best friend’s drama, and it reminds me of a soap opera. While I was going to Spanish almost the entire sophomore student body came running down the hall like they lost it. Little did they know, they weren’t getting their yellow card that day.

TGIF! Friday was our awards assembly, and I got most improved nothing. I’m smart enough to do the work, but I’m too lazy to do the work. They kept us in the gym like 15 minutes after the bell rung, but it was Friday so I was just happy it was finally the weekend.

– Ashundia Johnson


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