Chicago Violence

Many people are dying in Chicago due to the violence in the city and many of them are teens dying. More than 42 teens died this year due to violence, and many of them were between the ages 13-18. The violence in Chicago is getting out of control.

Many innocent people are dying due to gang violence and gun violence. Many families are losing someone every day and it’s heartbreaking. In Chicago today even walking to the store is dangerous, because you might not make it back alive. It’s sad to know that Chicago has the highest death rate due to violence. Chicago has a lot of gangs, and that is one major problem that contributes to the death rate. Many gang-related deaths are caused when people are shooting at the wrong person and killing them. Just in 2013 a 15-year-old girl named Hadiya Pendleton was shot dead. She had just attended president Obama’s inauguration (one of the happiest days of her young life), and was gone just a few days later. Hadiya really opened up our eyes, because you can go to an event with the president and even that doesn’t keep you safe.
The gun violence in Chicago is really getting out of hand. Too many people are dying, and there needs to be a stop to it. In the blink of an eye, your life can be over just like that. We need to address the problem as citizens, and even our president is not doing anything about it because his main focus is on gun violence. While he’s giving speeches and holding meetings about it, people and teens are getting killed by the minute. We are doing so much to decrease the violence In Chicago, but it seems like it’s not working because many people are still getting badly injured or killed. However, we must not give up until all violence stops.
Centra Cobb


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  1. i like your article. some of the stuff you said is true

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