Yes, First Sergeant

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone that influences you in a good way. Someone who understands you, gets you, and is a good person to everyone, my teacher, First Sergeant Jackson is that person who influences me.
First Sergeant Jackson is one of the best teachers here. He’s very caring, although he shows in a tough love kind-of way. He’s a good influence. I can’t say what other people feel, but me personally, I think he’s a strong leader, and I want to be a leader as good as him when I get older. He wants his students to become independent and responsible. For example, Sergeant Jackson has us go to the lab on Monday’s. We write papers that are due on Wednesdays, no later than 10pm. He never reminds us; we have to remember. This teaching us how to be independent, because we can’t rely on him to tell us. It’s teaching us how to be responsible because he’s giving us specific time and day to turn it in and if it’s late he won’t take it, so we have to be responsible enough to do it and turn it in on time. This prepares us for college.
First sergeant is one of my favorite teachers because he doesn’t show favoritism. He treats everyone the same, no matter what. He’s also easy to talk to; you can come to him about any problem and he will be 100% honest with you. You can trust him with any secrets; he’s very honest and trustworthy. He is dedicated to his students, he would never just up and leave his students feeling alone and hanging.
First sergeant Jackson is one of the best teachers any student can have and I am very happy to be one of his students.

Katlin Trapp


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