HBCU’s vs Universities


  • Well HBCU offer you culture, they give you lots of information about things about history.
  • There are over a 100 HBCU across the U.S.
  • The first HBCU was in 1837 in Pennsylvania.
  •  In 1965, congress officially made HBCUs schools of higher learning.
  • More than 50 percent of the nation’s African American public school teachers and 70 percent of African American dentists and physicians earned degrees at HBCUs.
  • HBCUs produce 44 percent of all African American bachelor’s degrees awarded for technology, 33 percent of bachelor’s degrees awarded for engineering technology, and 43 percent of bachelor’s degrees awarded for mathematics.
  • There are 105 historically black universities and colleges, and the majorities were created in the United States after the Civil War.
  • There are scholarship opportunities exclusively for students who are enrolled at a historically black college or university.
  • HBCUs produce 40 percent of all African American doctorate degrees awarded for Communications.

Regular Universities

  • Harvard was the first university made in the United States in 1636.
  • There are 2,680 universities in the United States.
  • 54% graduate and the other 46% drop out.
  •  The cost of textbooks has tripled since 2002.
  • A university is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in a variety of subjects.
  • Harvard is the best university in the United States.
  • Yale selects a freshman class of 1,300 from nearly 20,000 applications each year.

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  1. What about HBCU dropout rates?

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