Confusing Interactions… “under construction”

Guy and Girl interactions are what make a relationship. Guy and Girl interactions can happen anywhere: like dances, home, school, outside, and much more. The way guys and girls interacted at the “White Rose Ball” was the type of interactions that teenagers do at dances. Teenagers do what they do because it is the start of maturity and hormones. Teenagers have many ways to interact with each other.  These ways are being sexually active, mentally active, and/or socially active. Unfortunately, teenagers are sexually active when they are not mentally ready. Being mentally active means that you can feel the same way about each other or if there is negative interaction between one another, you will feel different about each other.  Mentally active, means at our school dances, we are mature enough to ask that girl for a dance or vice versa.  Instead, we huddle in circles with our “guys” or “girls” and dance separately. Seems odd, I know.

Being socially active means talking to one another, discussing things that need to be discussed, and sharing your thoughts with one another. Most people say that teenage interactions are mostly inappropriate for our age because teenagers are the ones having the most kids in this generation. I believe that they are true because of what teenagers do to each other. Some also say that teenagers grow up too fast. Teenage interactions are most likely compared to adult interactions. Teenagers grow up to be just like their parents. If teenagers see the type of interactions their parents do at an young age, their mind will start to develop things that they have seen as a child. Parents should show their teenagers how to interact different when it is appropriate. Teenagers have their own ways they interact and the way they interact is way different from how people interacted years ago.

– Dion Bailey


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