Plastic Surgery: Beauty or Beast

Plastic surgery is a way of saying you don’t like the way your body is or you don’t like the way you look, but why change it to something worse than what it is now. I’ve seen the effects of plastic surgery and it is not beautiful. I mean some plastic surgery can be a success, and some may create a real monster.
Changing Your Body
Changing your body can be irritating and it can make your body parts look phony by how many times you go back for more that it’s like a drug that you cannot wear off. You don’t know what tools or drugs these people use while you’re asleep. Anything can be done. You can get raped, killed, catch a disease from whatever they use, or they can do childish things and make you look like something you didn’t want to look like.
Changing Your Appearance
If you don’t like the way you look don’t make yourself look worse than what you look like, that’s wrong. You should accept that you are beautiful no one can tell you you’re not. Some people are crazy and jealous of you, so they’ll tell you anything to get you to change yourself. Don’t let anyone motivate you to do something you don’t want to do.


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