Voting For a Reason Jamal CarrHave you ever

Voting For a Reason

Jamal Carr

Have you ever been mad that someone or something was chosen, and you totally disagree with the choice? What about voting that you may think is rigged and don’t want to participate in. Or a number of votes that gave your city the perfect mayor. Well that’s why you and everyone else in the world should vote. It is O.K. for everyone to have a chance at voting, because you want to give your own opinion about the subject. Voting is also important because you are letting others know how you feel about the topic and why you think it is the right pick.

For an example, millions of people in the U.S every 4 years vote for a new president that will be leading them for the next 4 years. So with that being said you want to vote for someone who you think is a perfect role model that you can put your trust into who will keep your country in order and not in a chaotic way.                                                                            

For people who don’t believe in voting, I think you should vote because at times you criticize people who may have picked a wrong decision, and since you’re tired of it how about you put your two cents in and vote for what you believe in. Don’t always instantly judge a person on what they feel to believe because everyone in the world has a mind to be able say what they want to say.

Voting in general isn’t hard and you could never be wrong about your choice because it’s your opinion on what you think is right. Voting is done all over the world in different countries in numerous ways. But voting is an easy way to settle judgment on a topic.


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