Shana Miller April 14, 2013 Chicago Summer Ratchetness

Shana Miller

April 14, 2013

Chicago Summer Ratchetness

If you live in Chicago, the summer is the best time to see the most ratchet people and clothing styles. The summer of 2010 was all about Aeropostale, from the shirts to the shorts to the jogging pants. If you had anything Aeropostale, you were a part of this 2010 tread. The summer of 2011 brought big flowers and bright colors. Anything that was like a highlighter color was a part of that tread for the summer.

The summer of 2012 was all about jean jackets. Boys would wear their jean jackets with no shirt, some cargos with low tops with some all-white air force ones. The girls would wear their jean jackets with super small tank tops or just a bra that is very ratchet. 90% females were wearing red Chuck Taylors with a shirt that was too small and showed their stomachs or shirt that were too big they almost fell off. The most ratchet hairs style of 2012 was the extra super nasty looking long pony tails that came down a person back and down to the butt or lower.

The most ratchet place you could go in the summer time is 63 Street Beach everybody goes to that beach and you can see some of the most ratchet things there like ladies wearing pink, blue, and orange poetic justice. Women with swim suit too tight or too big not were wearing a swim suit at all. Some people wear a big white t- shirt with no bra or anything else underneath. The men would wear their underwear and play in the water. The other thing you will see at 63 Beach is people fighting, shooting and women weave on the ground. I just hope 2013 summer is better than the following summers and more people learn more fashion tips and don’t go outside looking ratchet.


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