South Shore has Art interest

SSCIP Art Club

By Engel Williams

            School isn’t all about education and sports, it can have its fun and daily stress relievers. Spending your time with friends and painting and releasing all that extra creativity with its large and well stock of supplies anything is possible. The club has a lot of benefits from meeting new friends and relating to them with ease. The reason there is an art club is because a group of friends and the teacher decided to start up a club that would make art longer and exciting. The club itself has contributed to the and still contribute to the school, from the talent shows to the Holiday occasions, and also the kids with certain abilities contribute. Art club is a team effort and takes creativity to run it. During our time of planning and putting together props for the future of SSCIP, the art club also has a few scholarship offers available.

            Art Club is an opportunity to express yourself and let go in a creative matter, to turn those negative emotions not something to feel, but emotions on paper. There is a chance for you to make it big and get out there through artistic energy. The art club supports the school through design and creative props made by the members on certain occasions. The art club also has an opening for learning hours, where we will make a big mural on the wall of the school if permitted. The art club itself is all student effort and is something to easily put effort into, you won’t be able to draw or create perfectly at everything at first, but in the club your talents will get better over time while in the club.

            This maybe one of many CPS school districts that has a functional art and music curriculum, which is more safe and healthy than hanging outside in the streets during your free time.


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