What Really Happened At The Military Ball?

Why is everyone wondering how the military ball went? I’ll tell you a good short story of how it went. When I got there on Friday, April 12, 2013 it was a normal lovely night for a military ball. The cadets were laughing, talking, and joking around until 1sg. Jackson told us to take seats because the ball was about to begin. It took time for Ms. Wells and the other staff to get there. 1sg. Jackson had Mr. Clayton there as Big DeBo fresh, straight out of prison and ready to take down any unwanted guests. It was great. We sat and ate properly. 1sg. Jackson announced the Prince, Princess; King and Queen.
The odd part of the night was still to come.
Who knew that their restroom was a part time barbershop? I walked in and thought I was going to die. There was a chair in the middle of the restroom that looked like they just got finish torturing someone. I had to pull one of my associates to the side and said, “Is this restroom a barbershop or torture room?”
1sg. Jackson had the lady bartender open the bar so we could get our “kiddie drinks.” After all of that, more cadets came and West Side Presswood arrived. Now, don’t take me for a joke when I say that this guy came in with his west side swagger like “wat up dough.” I said, “Ok.” He only came for a few minutes and left because he had to take care of some business. WEST SIDE!
Then 1sg. Jackson told the DJ to play our street music, and everybody hit the dance floor. I was surprised to see certain people sitting and not dancing, but everybody and they mamas were Turnt Up for the rest of the ball. 1sg. Jackson even hit the stage and had the crowd moving. I know who to invite to my next party! 1sg. Jackson and the freshman of course.
We took our pictures and danced some more. One of my brothers got his heart broken that night, but he still left with two beautiful young ladies. I’m glad he kept his head up and not down in those clouds.
Know, for all my people that were Turnt Up that night this shout out is for you all, including 1sg. Jackson! You were Turnt Up. I’d like to send a special shout out to the beautiful ladies who came out.
Turn Up, Turn Up, Turn Up!


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