College Readiness Quiz

1. Your class is going to a college fair trip this weekend, and they invite you along. You say…
a. I have to work on Saturday, but maybe someone can cover for me. Can I let you know tomorrow?
b. college trip… sounds great!
c. Unless there’s pizza puffs, I’m out.
d. I hate college trips.

2 .Your father asks if you visited the Websites of the colleges you’re interested in. Your response…
a. What websites?
b. After my homework done, I’ll start.
c. I’m on Facebook right now.
d. Yes I found two I’m interested in.

3. Do you have a problem with being home sick?
a. Yes I’ll miss my family a lot.
b. I’ll think of home sometimes.
c. No! I can’t wait to be away from home!
d. I wish I could never leave home.

4. How long have you been planning for college?
a. since freshman year.
b. since sophomore year .
c. I just started thinking about it.
d. I haven’t thought about it at all.

5. How organized are you?
a. I’m very organized.
b. if my head wasn’t connected to my shoulders will lose that too.
c. I’m a hot mess.
d. everything is alphabetized.

6. Do you know what you want to major in?
a. Yes.
b. I have something in mind.
c. I have no idea.
d. I’m not sure, but I’m talking to counselors.

7. Do you study?
a. never did, never will.
b. study sometimes.
c. An hour or two every day.
d. when its necessary.

8. Is it easy for you to make friends?
a. of course, I’m very sociable.
b. very hard, I’m very shy.
c. I don’t need friends.
d. nobody likes me.

9. Do you skip classes in high school?
a. I have all the time.
b. once or twice.
c. No.
d. the classes I don’t like.

10. Staying on task is…
a. piece of cake.
b. very hard.
c. Sometimes a challenge.
d. I couldn’t if somebody paid me

Ready for College 20 – 34      Almost Ready for College 36 – 48  Grow Up 50 – 64 You are NOT Ready 64 – 80

1. b(2) a(4) c(6) d (8)

2. d(2) b(4) c(6) a(8)

3. b(2) c(4) a(6) d(8)

4. a(2) b(4) c(6) d(8)

5. a(2) d(4) c(6) b(8)

6. a(2) b(4) d(6) c(8)

7. c(2) b(4) d(6) a(8)

8. a(2) c(4) b(6) d(8)

9. c(2) b(4) d(6) a(8)

10. a(2) c(4) b(6) d(8)


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