Lucky from the Beginning

Saint Patrick’s Day is the day all Irish come together with family and friends to celebrate Saint Patrick.

Who is Saint Patrick, you ask?

Saint Patrick is the founder of Christianity in Ireland. He was born to Catholic parents in 385. When he was sixteen he was captured from Ireland and sold as a slave to a king. At age twenty-two, according to, he heard a voice in his sleep telling him; he will be back home soon. Later, he heard the voice again telling him his ship was ready. It was assumed to be God. He then decided, after another “encounter” with God, to become a priest for the rest of his life. And he did. Before he died of natural causes on March, 17, 1762 (the assumed day he died, although no one really knows), he founded over 300 churches and baptized more than 120,000 people. While doing these things, he escaped twelve times from either getting robbed, murdered, or captured back as a slave. Saint Patrick was the Scottish Missionary in Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day became a national holiday in Ireland In 1903, and spread around the world, eventually. It has been a tradition to celebrate him ever since he died. This day gives people who believe in the birth of Christianity in Ireland to celebrate his accomplishments and their entry into heaven. Irish people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by dancing, especially drinking beer, and eating a traditional meal of cabbage and Irish bacon.

The parade is to honor Irish soldiers serving in the American Army. The parade gives the Irish soldiers a piece of their culture and roots. This Day became a celebration of the Irish culture. Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the oldest celebrations dating all the way back to the fifth century celebrated every year March 17th.

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  1. now i know more about saint patrick’s day

  2. its informative about the creation of St. Patrick’s Day and why it’s important

  3. Now i know who Saint Patrick was and why we celebrate him, this was good.

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