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Good is Not So Good

Shana Miller
June 11, 2013
Good is Not So Good

I don’t know about some people but I get a happy mouth watering sensation when I open a new bag of flaming hots. Flaming hots is one of my favorite chips but there is a down side of eating flaming hot. The disadvantage of eating flaming hot is when you done eating chip you will have a nasty after taste in your mouth and that will cause you to have bad breath. When you eat too many the chips will give you a really bad stomach ache because corn meal, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, and folic acid those ingredients cause your stomach to have a burning sensation.
Flaming hot are high in fat, calories, and basically has no type if healthy nutrition. One bag of flaming hot is 160 calories and 250 milligrams of salt. When it’s time to take a bowel movement most people are complaining they have a burning sensation in the butt or they think their butt is on fire because they are eating too much flaming hot. What is really happening while your taking a bowel movement is cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix of the lining of the colon swollen vein or group of veins in the area of the butt. Witch can cause colorectal cancer, colon cancer or large bowel cancer.


My junior year expectations

                Shana Miller

                                                                                                            May 31, 2013

                                                                                                            Next Year


            August 2013 I will be a junior in high school. My junior year expectations are to have at least a 3.0 as my grade point average. My expectations for my ACT scores are to have at least a 23. I want my junior year to be easy and as successful as possible. I’m going to work my hardest to fulfill my expectations.

            There are many ways I’m going to fulfill my expectations. My sophomore, year I was always late to school, because I don’t like to be on time liked to be on time. Being late all the time caused my grades to drop and not be as high as they could have been.  I was missing out on educational time that could have been spent doing my work. I could be doing my work.  My junior year I’m going to come to school before the bell ring am going to give myself enough time  so I will not be late

            My sophomore, year I barley did my homework and, if I did my homework it was because it was very important or worth a lot of points. If I decided to do my homework I, would take all day to do it, I would put Facebook and my friends before my homework. My sophomore year, I rarely studied, and my study habits were terrible. My junior I’m to do my homework even if the assignment is not worth a lot of points. I’m going to do my homework before I get on Facebook and turn off my phone while I’m doing my homework. I’m not going to put my friends before my homework and class work. I’m going to pay attention in class. Also I will come to school and class on time prepared to do my work.

Shana Miller April 14, 2013 Chicago Summer Ratchetness

Shana Miller

April 14, 2013

Chicago Summer Ratchetness

If you live in Chicago, the summer is the best time to see the most ratchet people and clothing styles. The summer of 2010 was all about Aeropostale, from the shirts to the shorts to the jogging pants. If you had anything Aeropostale, you were a part of this 2010 tread. The summer of 2011 brought big flowers and bright colors. Anything that was like a highlighter color was a part of that tread for the summer.

The summer of 2012 was all about jean jackets. Boys would wear their jean jackets with no shirt, some cargos with low tops with some all-white air force ones. The girls would wear their jean jackets with super small tank tops or just a bra that is very ratchet. 90% females were wearing red Chuck Taylors with a shirt that was too small and showed their stomachs or shirt that were too big they almost fell off. The most ratchet hairs style of 2012 was the extra super nasty looking long pony tails that came down a person back and down to the butt or lower.

The most ratchet place you could go in the summer time is 63 Street Beach everybody goes to that beach and you can see some of the most ratchet things there like ladies wearing pink, blue, and orange poetic justice. Women with swim suit too tight or too big not were wearing a swim suit at all. Some people wear a big white t- shirt with no bra or anything else underneath. The men would wear their underwear and play in the water. The other thing you will see at 63 Beach is people fighting, shooting and women weave on the ground. I just hope 2013 summer is better than the following summers and more people learn more fashion tips and don’t go outside looking ratchet.

SSICP Track STars!

South Shore international Track and Field Team

This is South Shore International’s first Track and Field Team!!!! Turn Up!!!! The track team has had some good track meets and has had performed their very best, we know they will improve! How can we support our team?? Well, they have meets coming up. Check out their schedule:


Regular Outdoor Season 

                   Date                Location                       Time
     Saturday, April 6, 2013           Hanson High School              Start at 5pm
   Wednesday, April 10, 2013            Eckersall stadium              Start at 10am
   Saturday, April 13, 2013           Hanson High School             Start at 10am
   Wednesday, April 17, 2013          Robeson High School             Start at 5pm
   Saturday, April 20, 2013            Orr High School             Start at 10am

It takes hard work, motivation, dedication, and determination to be on the South Shore International College Prep Track Team, you have to maintain a C average in every class, you cannot miss a lot of practices, and you have to have a good attitude. You would have to be willing to try new exercises no matter how long the exercise is and how no matter how tired you get you have to try your very best.

There are many reasons for participating in track and field. The best reason for participating in track and field is you can get scholarships to colleges. They love people that are athletic. Another good reason for joining the track and field team is that you will be in shape, you will not gain unwanted weight, and you will be healthy. Joining the track team will also help you make new friends and visit new places and new schools, It is a great opportunity to get a lot of cool track metals and ribbon’s and if you break someone best track time, you will get more medals and have an opportunity to get a full ride scholarship to good colleges.

College Readiness Quiz

1. Your class is going to a college fair trip this weekend, and they invite you along. You say…
a. I have to work on Saturday, but maybe someone can cover for me. Can I let you know tomorrow?
b. college trip… sounds great!
c. Unless there’s pizza puffs, I’m out.
d. I hate college trips.

2 .Your father asks if you visited the Websites of the colleges you’re interested in. Your response…
a. What websites?
b. After my homework done, I’ll start.
c. I’m on Facebook right now.
d. Yes I found two I’m interested in.

3. Do you have a problem with being home sick?
a. Yes I’ll miss my family a lot.
b. I’ll think of home sometimes.
c. No! I can’t wait to be away from home!
d. I wish I could never leave home.

4. How long have you been planning for college?
a. since freshman year.
b. since sophomore year .
c. I just started thinking about it.
d. I haven’t thought about it at all.

5. How organized are you?
a. I’m very organized.
b. if my head wasn’t connected to my shoulders will lose that too.
c. I’m a hot mess.
d. everything is alphabetized.

6. Do you know what you want to major in?
a. Yes.
b. I have something in mind.
c. I have no idea.
d. I’m not sure, but I’m talking to counselors.

7. Do you study?
a. never did, never will.
b. study sometimes.
c. An hour or two every day.
d. when its necessary.

8. Is it easy for you to make friends?
a. of course, I’m very sociable.
b. very hard, I’m very shy.
c. I don’t need friends.
d. nobody likes me.

9. Do you skip classes in high school?
a. I have all the time.
b. once or twice.
c. No.
d. the classes I don’t like.

10. Staying on task is…
a. piece of cake.
b. very hard.
c. Sometimes a challenge.
d. I couldn’t if somebody paid me

Ready for College 20 – 34      Almost Ready for College 36 – 48  Grow Up 50 – 64 You are NOT Ready 64 – 80

1. b(2) a(4) c(6) d (8)

2. d(2) b(4) c(6) a(8)

3. b(2) c(4) a(6) d(8)

4. a(2) b(4) c(6) d(8)

5. a(2) d(4) c(6) b(8)

6. a(2) b(4) d(6) c(8)

7. c(2) b(4) d(6) a(8)

8. a(2) c(4) b(6) d(8)

9. c(2) b(4) d(6) a(8)

10. a(2) c(4) b(6) d(8)

A Domestic Leaves Fredrick with Blood on his Hands

Nova Henry was in love with her ex-lover basketball player Eddy Curry. Nova Henry and Eddy Curry were going through a child custody battle.  Nova Henry was 24 years old, she had three year old son, and a ten month daughter Ava.

Many of you may be wondering who is Fredrick Goings?  Goings is a forty year old attorney from Chicago that started out as the attorney who represented Nova Henry. Now Goings is being convicted of two counts of first degree murder. Quite the shock! Fredrick Goings killed Henry and her daughter in cold blood.

It seems Henry and Goings had a personal relationship and professional relationship, but at some point Nova decided to end it. She moved out with her and Curry’s two children. Goings later shot Henry in her home while she was holding her daughter Ava. Henry and Curry’s son Noah, was found wasn’t harmed. Why?

At the trial Goings’ attorneys argued there was no physical evidence linking him to Nova Henry and Ava Henry murders. Fredrick Goings also accused Chicago police investigators of failing to seriously weigh other possible suspects in the double murders. Yolan Henry testified that she found her surviving grandson, with the bodies of his sister and mother, and that he told her, “Fredrick did it.”

Did you know nearly 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence?

Domestic Violence must end.

-Shana MillerImage