Standard Of Beauty

In many Disney films, the creators make it seem like the attractive people are smarter and tend to live happier lives than unattractive people. According to Bazzini and her colleagues, “Moreover, physically attractive characters were more likely to achieve positive life outcomes at the film’s end, and were more likely to be romantically involved.” In animated movies, attractive characters have higher intelligence and are more likely to achieve a lot of things. One example of this is in Beauty and the Beast, in which Belle is a typical girl who is skinny, loves to read, and is independent and respectful. While the beast is mean, abusive, ugly and disrespectful. This is not good because some kids will think that they are better than other people and will achieve more things and probably think that they are smarter and prettier.
We all have a different type of beauty and what we think beauty is. In today’s society, the majority of boys think that beautiful is an independent woman, no makeup, no weave and someone who is respectful, kind and patient. However, to other boys beautiful is a “thick girl” who has a curvy body, or a skinny girl who wears tight clothes, etc. Nowadays guys go for the wrong things; they choose trashy women who have kids and no job instead of beautiful independent women. Many girls try their best to meet the standards of what other guys want, but should know that regardless of what other people think, they are already beautiful. Many women will go all out just to impress one guy. They will bleach their skin, put on a lot of makeup, and wear tight clothes that show a lot of cleavage because they think that all of these are what a guy thinks is beautiful. If a girl was sitting in front of me right now and wanted to change herself for a man, I would tell her that he is not the right one for her if she feels she needs to change herself just to impress him.

Centra Cobb


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