A Domestic Leaves Fredrick with Blood on his Hands

Nova Henry was in love with her ex-lover basketball player Eddy Curry. Nova Henry and Eddy Curry were going through a child custody battle.  Nova Henry was 24 years old, she had three year old son, and a ten month daughter Ava.

Many of you may be wondering who is Fredrick Goings?  Goings is a forty year old attorney from Chicago that started out as the attorney who represented Nova Henry. Now Goings is being convicted of two counts of first degree murder. Quite the shock! Fredrick Goings killed Henry and her daughter in cold blood.

It seems Henry and Goings had a personal relationship and professional relationship, but at some point Nova decided to end it. She moved out with her and Curry’s two children. Goings later shot Henry in her home while she was holding her daughter Ava. Henry and Curry’s son Noah, was found wasn’t harmed. Why?

At the trial Goings’ attorneys argued there was no physical evidence linking him to Nova Henry and Ava Henry murders. Fredrick Goings also accused Chicago police investigators of failing to seriously weigh other possible suspects in the double murders. Yolan Henry testified that she found her surviving grandson, with the bodies of his sister and mother, and that he told her, “Fredrick did it.”

Did you know nearly 4,000 women die each year due to domestic violence?

Domestic Violence must end.

-Shana MillerImage


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