International Awareness

There are so many ways things that make SSICP international. One is adding world language as a course for all students. Another would be taking more field trips that expose students to different nationalities. A very rare international step would be to enroll a student from another country into are school. These things are what make our school international.

Our school has many things planned for us, from United Nations day celebrations, to field trips to museums and international restaurants. The woman responsible for all these international things is Dr. Palmer. She brings the world to SSICP because she has connections with international experienced people.  We plan to become very involved with other countries. Also, Dr Shaffdean Amuwo, the assistant dean of school of public help, is working with high schools in Nigeria. He has the connections to do foreign exchange from their school to ours.

The flags hanging in the hallway increase are international image. The movies shown in the library are also helping are international appearance. These film series are shown to us to introduce students to different cultures. This way, we won’t be so clueless when we visit places like the Mexican Fine Arts museum, Little Italy, and more. Chicago has many international places we will go see. Events like this were set up by Dr. Echaruvba and Ms. Espinoza.

Through our IB (International Baccalaureate) program we follow many themes. Our current theme is to be open-minded. To be open-minded is to be opened to new things, such as accepting people from different countries.

What suggestions do you have to make our school more International?

– Ashundia Johnson


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  1. Dear Ms Johnson, Thank you so much for your article about international mindedness. I am so pleased to be at SSICP and to bring my years of experience, my contacts, and those of colleagues to the school so that you and all our students can truly understand that this is your world; make the most of it.

    Dr. Palmer

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