Karriem Leaves with No Goodbyes

Why did Mr. Karriem leave? No one knows. He was the best chemistry teacher I’ve known since I enrolled in South Shore International. He had no problems with any of his students. Mr. Karriem was a “fun work” and “hustle hard” kind of teacher. He always got the work done on time-no late days, but only for projects. Some students in the school nicknamed him Mr. Dubois because he looks like Tom off the Boondocks cartoon. He left without saying goodbye, or that he was being transferred to another school, or that he got a better job. It’s like he left in a hurry to get away from us. What did we do Mr. Dubois?
After a good teacher like Mr. Karriem leaves without saying anything to someone, it affected students grades. If Mr. Karriem would have stayed, the students would have work and would have continued to get better grades in his class. It was something else about Mr. Karriem that helped the students get better grades – he took his time by explaining and demonstrating what he wanted to be done.
When Mr. Karriem was here, everyone he taught in all of his class had a passing grade. No one had a failing grade. Why leave and have our grades mess up when most of us are on the verge having an “A” or “B.” Looks like we still need to learn how to take responsibility.
If Mr. Karriem was still here we wouldn’t have so many Subs’ coming in telling us the wrong things to do on our work, and not knowing how to keep the balance in the class. Now it’s chaos!

To Mr. Karriem we hope you choose to comeback to S.S.I.C.P.


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