SSICP Track STars!

South Shore international Track and Field Team

This is South Shore International’s first Track and Field Team!!!! Turn Up!!!! The track team has had some good track meets and has had performed their very best, we know they will improve! How can we support our team?? Well, they have meets coming up. Check out their schedule:


Regular Outdoor Season 

                   Date                Location                       Time
     Saturday, April 6, 2013           Hanson High School              Start at 5pm
   Wednesday, April 10, 2013            Eckersall stadium              Start at 10am
   Saturday, April 13, 2013           Hanson High School             Start at 10am
   Wednesday, April 17, 2013          Robeson High School             Start at 5pm
   Saturday, April 20, 2013            Orr High School             Start at 10am

It takes hard work, motivation, dedication, and determination to be on the South Shore International College Prep Track Team, you have to maintain a C average in every class, you cannot miss a lot of practices, and you have to have a good attitude. You would have to be willing to try new exercises no matter how long the exercise is and how no matter how tired you get you have to try your very best.

There are many reasons for participating in track and field. The best reason for participating in track and field is you can get scholarships to colleges. They love people that are athletic. Another good reason for joining the track and field team is that you will be in shape, you will not gain unwanted weight, and you will be healthy. Joining the track team will also help you make new friends and visit new places and new schools, It is a great opportunity to get a lot of cool track metals and ribbon’s and if you break someone best track time, you will get more medals and have an opportunity to get a full ride scholarship to good colleges.


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