Sweet or Deadly

By: Engel Williams

            Pepsi and Coca-Cola are sold in department stores, vending machines, and restaurants all around  the United States of America, and made, and developed, by the Coca-Cola company has inspired millions to drink down hundreds and millions of cans a year. People drink it because, of course it’s sweet, and tasty, and makes you feel good, but do you take into consideration of what is in it? Sure there is the 41grams of sugar in a 12oz can; however you should take into consideration how much you drink. Pepsi is full of acids such as phosphoric acids, and carbonic acids which are carbon dioxide mixed in with the water; yet only brands like Coca-Cola have this in their beverages.

The Benefits

  • It quenches the thirst
  • It’s really sweet
  • Kills bugs and weeds
  • Gets stains out of clothes
  • The sugar rush

The Consequences

  • Full of acids and chemicals
  • Too much sugar and can be addicting
  • Spreads toxins throughout the body( if consumed large quantity)
  • Has carbon dioxide mixed in with the substance
  • Eventually it will wear down on teeth and the bones at a much faster pace.

There is a big argument whether drinking it is good or not, however the only one who can decide if drinking this is alright for you. You should be considerate of what you’re taking into your system. It has so many side effects that will harm you, and the two addictions make it impossible to quit, so far the only thing that won’t get hurt is the stomach which can take 2.0g pH and the rest of your body is getting harmed. So try to cut down or better cut off Pepsi form your diet to preserve your bones and your body form future dangers.



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